Upcycling: Banners

Hello Daisies!! Moon here to share the idea of upcycling the nice yellow dot paper bags!
I usually use them to store my monthly kits.
If I have to go travelling, I just grab the whole pack with me.

However, I was thinking to make something with those extra ones,
and here is what I want to do, banners!!

First, I trimmed them into 4.5*6.5, and then cut it into a flag shape.
Actually, you can make it into any size you want or other shapes as well.

After that, I decorated the flags with the doily papers.
I also did some fuzzy cutting and love these flowers and butterflies from the add-on papers so much.
They looks perfectly with those alphabets and the yellow dot flags.

And here it is!!
I hung it in the living room where my crafty corner is.
Because of lacking some alphabets, I had “ME TIME” instead.
But I like it!!

I also had this little video of some step-by-step and close-ups.
Hope you like it and get some ideas of upcycling with the packing paper bags.

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