Memory Keeping in b6

Hello girls!

I’am very happy to talk to you today about my passion for memory keeping.
Since February I use the b6 format and it’s perfect for my needs.
My photographs, printed with the canon selphy, fit perfectly without editing, and the right space for embellishments and captions remains!
I have never been the traditional diary type but since I started to associate my photographs with the journaling part, I have not stopped.
You have to know that I do not make a particularly adventurous or interesting life but my best projects come from the little everyday things we risk forgetting.
In short, I really wanted to show you how little things seen in this perspective become more important than great events, and give you ideas on everyday things that you can use for your projects.

Every month my first page concerns myself, I write my hopes, my dreams, my goals or simply a quote, like this month, that I want to preserve and make mine.

Every occasion is good to make a page and have fun, such as taking pictures of tourists in your city (sometimes you forget how beautiful the place where we live).
This is my treviso at sunset!

The opportunities to make a project are also born from one’s own passions:
TV series
-shopping ;-D


In many projects I also like to try new techniques for me, colors, stamps, stencils or even give new life to packaging.I also like to take inspiration online and use ideas in my b6, changing size and color totally change projects.

I do not follow many rules except the one essential: fun,fun,fun!

I greet you with one of my favorite projects of these months and I ask you to share your ideas and your projects, I love to see how creativity takes different directions for each of us.





  1. jkoteles

    Comment VERY nice! I really like how you make the first page about you in general … it will help you remember all the nuances a year brings. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Casie

    I love how you memory keep in this format of dori! Great layouts and I love all the pops of color!


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