May Setup and Planner Chatter!

Hey everyone! I’m here to share with you all my May set up. I’m so excited about this setup because I am crazy about the May Cocoa Daisy kit. The September 2017 kit was absolutely gorgeous, and so when they announced that they were doing a sequel, I was thrilled!! The colors, the patterns, the birds, the floral – it’s all so perfect and spring-y! 

My setup doesn’t outrageously change from month to month, especially during the school year.   During the summer, I may use a smaller planner as my EDC, but not always. But these gorgeous Cocoa Daisy goodies tempt me every month to try something new! So I may switch it up next month since we have a much lighter schedule. But for this month, I’m sticking to my same setup in my same planner, which is perfect because it gives me so much room to plan everything during this super busy month of May!

I’ll still be planning in my Foxy Fix Personal Wide Spice Rings in Cinnamon. I love this size because the personal wide inserts are just the best size for me. I use the Cocoa Daisy b6 TN inserts and cut them and trim them so I can use them in my Foxy. They work perfectly – I use the first half for my planning, and the last half for journaling/memory keeping. 

Here is a pic of my Foxy – set up for May! 


The first thing you see inside my Foxy are my inside pockets and my front dashboard/acetate. I I love the acetate that came in the May kit – I talk about it in my video (linked below) – and I cut it apart and put it in layers over my front dashboard, and I’m thrilled with the result!


Behind that starts my sections. My first section is my “Inbox”. This is where I keep my dashboard full of sticky notes of things that have high priority. It’s a small section, with just that dashboard and then the IG challenges behind it. (Look how gorgeous that Cocoa Daisy paper is behind my clear vellum divider!) My dashboard is one of the Cocoa Daisy cardstock dividers  I laminated it and struck the sticky notes on the back, and whenever I need to put something high priority on there I just jot it on the sticky note and stick it on my dashboard! Super easy and functional. =)

My next section is my “Calendar” section. This section is massive. It holds my yearly overview, monthly, monthly overview/goals, weekly, daily, tasks, and pre-planning section. I told you it was massive! I go through it in more detail in my video, but this holds my entire schedule, as well as my family’s schedule – current and future. I write down things in there as I find out about them, and if I were to ever lose my planner, I wouldn’t have any idea at all what was going on. As soon as it’s down on paper, it’s usually right out of my brain! Hahah

After my calendar section is my “Notes” section – just a place to jot down ideas, brain dump, etc. Super messy, and I’m forever emptying out pages with notes and doodles all over them =)

My “Social” section is next. This is where I jot down ideas for my personal blog and planner YouTube, as well as my responsibilities for the Cocoa Daisy team. It’s super helpful and fun to have this section and write down all my ideas!

Next is my “Family” section. This is probably honestly one of my most used sections in my planner. I keep appointment inserts in it and write down every time I take my kids to the doctor or if they get sick. Each kid has two or three sheets (and the brilliant thing about rings is that I can add more when I need to!) and I write down the date, time, doctor, reason for going, diagnosis, and if any medicines were prescribed. It has helped in so many appointments! 

My last section is my “Miscellaneous” section. Throughout the school year I use it for school stuff, but now that we are on summer break it is filled with other fun inserts – book, movie, and TV trackers, as well as a perpetual calendar for birthdays and anniversaries. 

That’s it! That’s my May setup. As you can see, and as I talk about in my video, I filled it with all my favorite May Cocoa Daisy items, like my dividers. If you look at the pictures I’ve included here, you’ll see that I didn’t use the dividers from Cocoa Daisy to make the actual dividers. I didn’t add the tabs and labels onto them. Instead, I just placed them behind clear dividers thatI keep in my planner all the time. This allows me to move around the Cocoa Daisy dividers whenever and wherever I want, and to mix and match months and patterns. I love the freedom this gives me to reuse my favorite things! 

In my video below, I do a quick recap of how I used the April b6 inserts before diving into my May setup. This set up has been working so perfectly for me, it may honestly not be something I can change out of this summer! I guess we will see! Opening a brand new box and deciding how to use all those gorgeous goodies is part of the fun! 

Thanks for reading along! What are you doing this month? Are you using your same setup, just with different goodies, or do you completely change everything every month? Let me know! 

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Talk to you all soon! Tag me in your posts on IG so I can see how you’re using your gorgeous May kits!

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  1. Simone Schermann

    Thanks for taking us through your setup again! I love how you place your dividers over the patterned paper, makes for great effects and you don’t have to redo it every month!


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