Tips & tricks with Celine (an included video)

Hello Daisies, It’s Céline, I scrape for a long time and some products accumulate. The chipboard alphabets are a good example. Three or four letters here and there ..

Today I want to show you two ways to use the remains of alphabets chipboards.

To start, a first page, I simply glued in my background different alphabets in colors and sizes. I used chipboards with the same colors as the picture.

The second page is more mixed media, more technical so I made a video , here are some photos:

If you want to know how I made this page it’s just here!

I hope you liked it. You can find us on our facebook group :

  come and share your creativity !!!

Good scrap,  see you soon.







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  1. Marie

    L’idée est géniale et la page est magnifique!!!!


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