It’s Summer Summer Summer Time!

Hey everyone! I hope everyone is having a great month! I can’t believe it’s already the end of May! It just seems like this year is flying by!

It’s summer break around here, which means it’s time for a smaller planner! Usually during the summer I switch to a smaller planner. It’s supposed to also be thinner, but it seems like no matter what I do, my planner just stays chunky! Oh well, I love chunky planners, so I’m not complaining!

You all know that typically I carry a personal wide Foxy Fix. It’s perfect for holding all the info I need when our life is crazy busy. But during the summer months, when there’s no sports, no lessons, no activities (sweet, sweet summer!), I like to carry a smaller planner. Last year I carried an a6 (No3) Foxy and absolutely loved it, so I wanted to do that again. But this summer, I added rings to my strings, so I’m using an a6 rings! It’s working out really well so far. And once I discovered that I could cut down my b6 Cocoa Daisy Dori to a6 size and it still looks gorgeous, I was hooked! I can’t wait to share it with you all!

Here’s the Foxy I’m using. It is a No 3 wide Foxy in the Boss Babe Moonlit leather.  It’s gorgeous and I love the color. I didn’t think it would, but it looks absolutely gorgeous with the May kit, as well as the June kit (and I know it will look gorgeous with July as well!). This shade makes the colors in the kits just POP!!

In my front pocket I have my Simon card and some other little decorations. I also carry the sticker sheets from the Planner Add On kit, that way I always have something that coordinates if I want to do some on-the-go planning!

For my front dashboard, I cut the acetate down to a6 size and layered it over the gorgeous striped paper that came in the June kit. Those stripes and colors are seriously some of the most beautiful colors I’ve ever seen, and I used every scrap I could in my planner. You will see that pattern pop up again in this post =) And I absolutely love how colorful it looks with the acetate layered over it!

While I’m showing you my first divider tab, I wanted to take the chance to show you all the tabs I’m using this month. Putting the rings inside the strings means that my inserts go all the way to the edge of the planner, so I used top tabs instead of side tabs. I used a mix, with regular tabs as well as some of the die cuts included in the kit. I love having a mix of shapes and colors peeking out of the top of my planner!

This first divider is my Inbox divider. I thought I could forego my Inbox section this summer, but I realized I just can’t, It’s so handy having my most important stuff right in the front of my planner!

My next section is my calendar section. Starting with this section begins the bulk of my planner: my monthly, weekly, and daily layouts. I got excited making my dividers and made a “Hello June” and a “Month at a Glance”  tab, when I really could have just made one tab for both – but they’re so beautiful I’m leaving them both in! So behind the “Hello June” tab I just put my yearly overview printable, and then behind the “Month At A Glance” tab I put my June monthly calendar (see that striped pattern again?) I don’t have all of June filled out (it’s a work in progress), but I love the gorgeous color that’s filling it up so far!

After that is my Weekly Planning. This is where I use the b6 Cocoa Daisy Dori inserts that I cut down, and as you can see in the pictures as well as in the video that I filmed (linked below), it still looks gorgeous! I personally don’t feel like I lost any of the graphics or color, I think it still looks gorgeous, and I’ll be honest.  Knowing that I can do this tempts me to use an a6 beyond summer. It’s such a great size to carry but one of the things that held me back was not having a Cocoa Daisy insert size. This totally solves that problem! I love that Cocoa Daisy is so flexible – it really works in ANY planner! (I maybe also made a Simon bookmark with – you guessed it – that striped paper!

In the same section as my Cocoa Daisy inserts are my Daily Cocoa Daily inserts. I just carry a couple of these at a time, but I like to have them with me when I need them. These are actually personal size CD inserts – you can see that they’re not as wide as the a6 inserts. I just trimmed the top and bottom of the page, and it’s perfect! I didn’t lose any of the design and it doesn’t bother me a bit that it’s a bit narrower than the other inserts,

My section after that is my pre-planning section. It’s always in my planner, it’s always color coded and messy, and it’s so functional and essential for me. The inserts go all the way through December, and as soon as something is scheduled it goes in here, and I refer to it when I’m planning my week.

After that is my Notes section. It’s just your basic grid insert, perfect for notes, brain dump, etc. I’m constantly adding in more pages and ripping out the ones that I’ve used (and doodled on haha).

My next section is my Cocoa Daisy section. It’s where I keep tabs on things for Cocoa Daisy (like my blog post days), as well as for ideas I get about things I’d like to do with the kits.

Behind that is my Family section (aaaaaaand there’s that paper again! One of the best things about using a smaller planner is being able to cut these gorgeous papers into more usable pieces!) Everyone on the Cocoa Daisy team is well aware of my love of bows and all things girly. I usually incorporate a bow of some sort into my planner somehow. The last two months it’s been a top tab and I”m loving it!! My family section is what I’ve discussed before. They’re printable appointment inserts where I track all five kids’ appointments, symptoms, medications, and emergency info. This is every bit as essential in my planner as my calendar. It has come in handy SO many times!

My last section is my “Little Things” section. This is just a Miscellaneous section where I have a bunch of fun inserts – books to read over the summer, movies and TV shows to watch, things we want to do as a family. It’s just a section for fun things to keep track of!

There you have it! That’s my setup for July. After explaing my setup and sharing all that I have in there, I’m wondering how I thought that was a “lighter” summer planner! Haha. But even though it’s stuffed full, the smaller size is definitely more summer (and purse!) friendly. I’m so thrilled that the Cocoa Daisy inserts work in the a6, and I’m thrilled that it still has space for everything I want to include! I love it when a planner comes together! =)

Here’s my video where I did my flip through of my June setup. You’ll notice that the things that were left out in the video are now in my planner (like my monthly!) I’m still enjoying adding in more bits and pieces from the Cocoa Daisy kit, and as I do, I’ll share it over on my Instagram, so be sure to follow me over there – my username is @GracefulPlanner!

Here’s one more shot of the top of my planner, featuring all of the gorgeous June goodness from Cocoa Daisy (including Simon!). I hope you enjoyed this walk through! How is your planner setup coming for June – are you ready or do you still have some setting up to do? Let me know in the comments!

Talk to you all soon!

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  1. Simone Schermann

    Ah, Jenn! What a beautiful little planner! Thank you so much for sharing!


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