Travel Journal Set Up with the July kit + Video.

Hi everyone.

It‘s me again, Tanti. How are you loving your July kit so far? I’m so in love with this month’s kit and especially the new item that came in the store, the Simple Dori. It looks so gorgeous and it is exactly what I need for my summer holiday.

So, today I‘m going to share with you my July planner set up.

Well, actually this time it‘s not really a planner set up because I‘m going to use both dories as my travel journals.

Why do I have to use both of them as travel journals?

Because I‘m going to have a very long vacation and my family and I are going to have two kinds of holidays. The city holiday and the beach holiday. So, I need two separate journals to document them.

Since I’m planning to journal on the go, I just decorated the cover and the first page on both dories. I didn‘t put the dates on the pages because I don‘t know how many pages I will need to journal for one day. What I do know, is that, it will be various. It depends on what we are going to do at each day.

Here‘s how the covers look like.

And here are the first pages of both dories.

Like always, I‘ve created a pocket on the back of the cover in each dori. For both pockets I used two of the A5 size dashboards from the dashboard kit.

I‘ll use the pocket to store memorabilia from our journey.

As a binder I use my black leather binder because if it gets dirty you won‘t see it much on this material.

I‘m going to separate my journal supplies. So that my handbag won‘t be too heavy.

I‘ll put all items in the picture below in my handbag.

And I‘ll put all the supplies in the picture below in my suitcase.

If you want to know how I decorated the covers, you can watch my journal set up video at the end of this post.

I‘ll post all the updates of this journals on my Instagram and in the Facebook group.

If you have any question about my set up you are welcome to write your question here in the blog as a comment, in the planner Facebook group (using tag or PM) or on my Instagram. I‘ll give my best to answer them as soon as I can.

Thank you so much for joining me today and hope to see you next time.


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