With The Tide Planner Set Up

Welcome back friends. I’ve missed you. Grab your beverage and lets get started, shall we? Today I am drinking sparkling water (Le Croix, blackberry cucumber) with heavy cream! DELISH

Here is a quick planner set up for July 2018. It is not much different from most of my set ups. You can find them in the archives

With full pockets and a fun intro page lets get started.

Tabs are always fun, I loved that CD has added some fun ink!! This green/blue is beautiful and looks amazing on these tabs. You probably already know this but, don’t forget to store ink pads upside down to keep the ink at the top of the pad;)

Last month I started a new thing, a schedule in front of my MAG. I am hoping by the time July actually hits I will be faithfully following! I also used a sticker from the June sticker kit and the stencil from the planner kit to make a tracker! I added a fun pocket on the back of my dashboard. I have some 3×4 journaling cards from the pocket memory kit stuck in there for fun.

Next is my MAG, which I like having right in the front for easy access. Of course with tip ins!!

On the back of the MAG I put my bucket list. It is not yet filled in, mostly because it is still June and I want to see if I need to transfer!!

The today dashboard also has a pocket on the back! I felt Simon would be perfect all nestled in here!

I used the glassine envelope that the stickers came in by pundching holes. I can add all kinds of tid bits in here, receipts, pictures, ticket stubs, all kinds of things!

The prayer section is the most used. I made the bookmarkout of the free printables and 12×12 paper from the 12×12 memory kit!

Another little pocket with 3×4 journaling cards in it on the back of the weekly dashboard and some sticky notes to keep track of memories!

For the last, but not least, note dashboard! I used the free printables for my note paper. I print double sided so both sides are printed!

That concludes todays set up! There were things I haven’t added and some things I want to try in July so, make sure to follow me on Instagram @chipped_in_time_   to see how I finish off the month!

Do you have questions or suggestions? I would love to hear from you so be sure to leave a comment here or IG!!

XOXO                                                                                                                                      Kam





  1. Simone Schermann

    Wow, Kami, what a gorgeous planner setup! I love how the simple black outline connects everything and adds such a great touch! Thank you so much for sharing all of the little details and tips!

    • Kami Higgins

      You are such a sweet lady!! THank you so much Simone!!


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