My July Setup – a5 planner and b6 dori –

Hello everyone!
Here I am again this month and we talk about setup, the fun part of the organization 😉
In recent months I focus on the usefulness but I can not give up a bit of fun, they match the color of the planner to  kit ….

To begin :a shaker dashboard, I really like this quotes

…but in the pockets, useful things to keep on hand like clips, washi, diecuts and the calendar of the month!



For the rest of the planner a simple setup to customize during the month.
In the monthly view for this month a tracker (for this month I decided to monitor the time with the help of my Simon stamps 🙂


The part of the planner that I use most every month is the weekly, I glued the weekly vision on a page on the first page of the weekly 2 pages getting an immediate view of my social engagements throughout the week without having to open too many sections.
On each weekly I have pasted the tabs to quickly find the right week.


On the weekly 2-page I love to write down my special details, things I like to remember and review even after some time. I love very much to decorate these pages according to the day and then I put only the date and a small sticker, the rest I decide at the moment.
For several months I have the obsession with the stamps, these numbers in particular are essential for me in every setup! I find they have a perfect size and the fact of being able to color them is a fantastic thing.
Do you have your favorite product? Something you always use?

My planner always ends with the daily, these pages use them to mark commitments, ideas, cleaning list and useful things to remember regardless of the calligraphy and order, the only whim is the choice of the dashboard!

As for memory keeping, and my daisy dori in b6 format, I do a very minimal setup helped by my last purchase, a beautiful clear planner!
I prefer to concentrate on the inside pages where I try new techniques and ideas.
If you are interested in learning more follow me also on instagram!


And for today it’s all, I’ve bored you enough: D, I hope I’ve given you some useful ideas.

Live creativity,
kisses, Evy


  1. lew45sholes

    Dear Evelyne
    This is the very first time I have actually commented on another member’s creativity. Miss Lady, you have lots of inspiring ideas. I am thoroughly impressed! I too love “la mer”… I used to live on the coast in western WA. I miss the smells, sounds, and general atmosphere.
    I remember walking down to the beach and sitting there hypnotized by the movement of the ocean. That was definitely my “happy place”! I now live in eastern WA. which is quite beautiful in its own right, but my heart still longs to live by the water.
    But I digress… I’m so excited that July features water and as usual Cocoa Daisy has succeeded in highlighting all its gorgeous features. I think the artistic team for Cocoa Daisy is AMAZING!!
    I totally like how you have organized your planner for this month. Do you mind sharing what you use the ribbon for? I’ve only been a member for nine months and I’m always overwhelmed a bit by all the “happy parts”. I’ll be follmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,

    • Evelyne Schmidtke

      Sometimes I would really like to be a native English speaker to make you understand how much emotion you give me. Your comment made me move and I waited a long time to answer, I wanted the perfect answer, written well without Google translate. But basically I’m not perfect and emotions are always there! Thank you so much, your comment was the best thing that someone wrote to me.
      With love, Evelyne

  2. Kimberly Schwartz

    Very nice ideas here, Evelyne! I never thought about using those number stickers on the rainbow week pages that way; I’ve always struggled with the a way to “date” them!

    I’ve been a subscriber for several years, and I don’t think I recognize that number stamp set. Which kit did it come with?

    • Evelyne Schmidtke

      Kimberly thank you for your comment!
      I think this number set was in January kit… I can ask Mary Kay for precision!
      It’s my favorite set!

      • Evelyne Schmidtke

        Kimberly number stamps is from March 2018 kit.
        Thanks to Anna Feucht ❤️

  3. Simone Schermann

    I love it – very simple and so useful! I hope you share some of the pages once they are used!

  4. April Driggers

    CLEAR PLANNER?!@?! I love it!!!

    • Evelyne Schmidtke

      Oh yes! I’m in love ❤️


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