Using your Cocoa Daisy to Track

Hi Cocoa Daisy family, Wendy here sharing some different ideas for tracking anything you might dream up!  There is something so satisfying about checking off little boxes, or maybe coloring them in.  Course it also brings the point home when none of your little boxes are filled in either…

In these examples I have tracked what I have made for dinner for the month, it helps me to know whether we’ve eaten out too much, whether the leftovers need to hit the trash.  I was also trying out a few new recipes so it was nice to record what we thought of them.

This is a list of my goals and then a tracker to see how I’m keeping up with the goals…  Yea not so good at all!

This month I’ve added in an expense tracker to keep track of what I might have purchased without knowing it!

Here is my month tracker – looking ahead to what dates are coming up.

There are so many things you can track – chores (daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal), food, health concerns, birthdays, wish lists, gratitude lists, moods, and the lists go on and on and on!  Leave a comment here what you like to track or on our FB page; maybe you have the key to helping someone get their lives in order!

Here’s a look at my July set-up and all the different things I am tracking this month.  See you next month, happy planning!


  1. Simone Schermann

    Did you glue the shopping tracker into your Daisy Dori? Or is that a separate insert? I love how it looks and all of your tracking ideas!

    • Wendy Antenucci

      I do use my tape gun to put in the trackers, never actually thought about doing a tab! I save the middle pages and I used to actually draw one out, but it was getting too messy.


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