July Wallet & B6 Flip!

I swear it was just January!  Things are moving super fast!  I have just barely had time to set up for July before it starts on Sunday!

Let’s dive in! First things first, pick colors that match!  I went with 3 colors so that I could color code Work, Home, and Restaurant stuff throughout my dori’s

I really spent a bit of time pre-decorating my planner, and quite a few of my sticker sheets are already empty!!

For Meal Planning I opted to tip them in vertically this month just to try something new!

A little bit of playing with the new stencils, this one will end up in the front pocket of my planner for daily use for sure!!

Tracking, this month is about being a little more healthier with vitamins and drinking my water and seeing how that affects my body.  What do you like to track?

Syncing up my calendars, this month I am also trying the mini dori as a calendar in my wallet as I am finding I am not always carrying my b6 on short errands, but people still call to book things with me!

I used some stickers and sandwiched them around pages as tabs in my mini dori to show each week.  Next time I will spread them out so I can easily flip to them.

and I made some laminated dashboards for my wallet to keep things a bit more separated!

I have done a flip through video for you as well! I hope you enjoy it!

Happy Planning!


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  1. Simone Schermann

    Love your setup for July, Lindsay, thanks so much for sharing!


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