Making gifts with Cocoa Daisy kits

Hello daisies!! Moon here to share some ideas of making gifts for friends with Cocoa Daisy kits.

The first gift I made is for a Japanese friend, who just gave birth to a baby girl.
It’s actaully hard for me to start making the layout without any photos. LOL!!
Since I love the color combo of yellow and pink, I picked up some journaling cards and elements of these two colors.

The bright yellow and soft pink would be great with the photo of the baby girl, too.
After putting the layout into the wooden frame, it looks even nicer, isn’t it?

The second gift is very obviously a wood cutting board as the birthday gift for another friend.

In the beginning, I was planning to wrap the gift with a little card.
However, I was inspired by the mini cutting board die-cut from July classified kit,
and decided to make a same size paper version as the card.

It’s easy tracing the shape of the cutting board.
All I love to do is to decorate it with the beautiful die-cuts and chipboard letters.
Here is also a little video of how I made it.

Here is the third gift I made in this month! (I know it has been a busy month!!)
This one is for a friend who travels a lot with her family, and I haven’t seen her for a long time.

I set the travel theme and went back to the old kits to get all elements I need.
(Most of the papers, die-cuts, and embellishments are from June kit.)
It was so much fun to get this colorful layout done.

Hope all my friends will be happy to get these handmade gifts.
If you have any great idea or any gifts made with Cocoa Daisy kits,
please share with us on the FB group.
Memory Keeping with Cocoa Daisy:

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