Setting Up My Personal Rings for August Memory Keeping

Hello Daisies!

Although August has already begun, I want to show you how I set up my personal rings inserts for memory keeping. I gather all my supplies and place them in this cute little plastic tote so that I can carry them around with me from room to room (or place to place)! I keep the kit and add on’s inside as well as my basic tools.

Here you can see how compactly it all fits (other than the trimmer).

The basic tools that I use are a paper trimmer, a corner rounder, a personal rings hole punch, sharp scissors, adhesive, a craft knife, ink, and stamp blocks. I have multiple paper trimmers because I like different ones for cutting different items. This 8 inch Tonic Guillotine is perfect for cutting photos and smaller papers and is very portable (not so great for the 12 inch full sheets of paper though!) I usually prefer adhesive runners or double sided scor-tape for making dashboards. The craft knife is my favorite tool for washi tape.

The top tray in the craft tote is perfect for separating and organizing all the little items from the kit as well as any extra items that I might want to add from my stash.

When I am working, I stand up the stickers, papers and dashboards in the bottom tray for easy access.

Currently I am using the Sprocket and the Zinc inkless photo paper to print my photos. I can edit and print them using an app on my phone. I haven’t had any issues other than you cannot use a filter on a photo without it printing strangely.

The first things I set up in my rings are my dashboards and dividers. I also date my “weekly” overview for my gratitude.

I love photos and you will see that I add them to my dashboards frequently. These photos are not always “current.” Most often these are the photos that I love and want to see often.

Even though this is my memory keeper, I still add my monthly goals and “to-do” lists. I think looking back on these will also add to my memories. It will be fun and interesting to see what I considered important that month.

I hope you found some inspiration and helpful tips from my post this month!


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  1. Louise Ionn

    So lovely, thank you.


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