September Planner Setup

First off I can’t believe it’s almost September! The summer really flew by this year and the only thing that makes me glad that happened is this amazing kit. It’s the prefect transition from summer to fall. Not too warm and summery, but not too cool for fall. Also I’m a little obsessed with owls. I LOVE them! I could probably have owls in the kit every single month. This bag from the kit is adorable. My planner fits perfectly and I still have room for all my goodies inside too. Keep scrolling to take a peek inside my setup.

This month I chose my Pepper personal ring planner from the Foxy Fix. I already owned it and it had the silver moon embossed on the front. It’s like this month was just meant to be!


Decorative Elements 


The first thing I do when I setup a new month is start with the opening spread. I choose a favorite dashboard to go front and center and then play around with the other bits and pieces until it’s just right.

I took the piece of acetate from the classified kit and cut it down to make a little flap to slide in my front pocket. That way I could take the sticky notes and put them on the front to have on hand right when I open my planner. I think this would work well with the paper from the kit also.

Next I took some of the vellum and layered a few of the doilies on top. I just cut them in half and glued them on. Now I have a pretty little decorative bit that sticks out and stays put!

I used the rest of my vellum as a dashboard, I love the way it looks.

The clips this month are so cute! I love that they stick up just the right amount. I used this clip to keep my place for the month.


Mini Scrapbooking


You know me, I always love to add family pictures to my planner. I create little scrapbook pages using the papers and die cuts. I got the scrapbook kit this month and loved these frames in it! I decided to use one on this picture of my hubby and me.

I also like to sometimes cut down the dashboards to fit inside my Foxy Fix clear dashboards. I usually choose one with a quote I like and match my picture to it. This quote is perfect for my boy! “If you can dream it, you can do it”.

I also have the clear dashboards that are cut into two sections. These are fun to make smaller picture collages with. On the left I decided to punch my dashboard from the dashboard kit on the other side so it matched nicely to my photos.

On the backside I added another end of summer picture and used the large die cut tag that said “stay wild moon child” for the bottom. It didn’t really fit, but that’s okay! I like the look of it cut off the page.




The papers this month from the scrapbook kit were just so gorgeous I made myself a set of new dividers. It was pretty easy! I just traced an existing set I had and and cut them. Then I added some of the die cuts to the front to decorate them further. I also used the tab stickers! This one is my favorite! Look at that cute little owl’s eyes.

I cut another doily in half for this divider. Then layered a few die cuts on top! The quote is perfect with the celestial background of the paper.

This one might be my favorite! I love the way the doily looks on top and these feathers are just so gorgeous.




As you can see I decided to go ahead and start using my inserts! I couldn’t resist this kit. I’m still using the weekly layout for meal planning with my grocery list on the left.

I’m trying to be better at grabbing the stickers to use in my weekly view. I love the pop of color they add to my days and they make me smile when I open my planner.

I got a little creative on my daily pages. I had to try out the ink that came in the planner add on. It’s a vibrant blue that matches the kit wonderfully.

I used the stars from the scrapbook stamp set to mark off my hydrate area. It adds a fun touch to my days.

Then I added some more stamping and washi on the left page. Just being creative and having fun.

I hope you enjoyed my September planner setup. What is your favorite piece in the kit? Have you already setup your planner? Thanks for reading!

Happy Planning

xoxo Tricia

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  1. Simone

    Wow- your pictures are amazing and your setup is wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

    • Tricia Romo

      Thank you Simone!


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