Sticker Sub Versatility!!

Hi Daisies! Can you believe it’s already SEPTEMBER?! I can’t believe how fast the year has flown by! We are already having cooler mornings and evenings here where I live, and fall is in the air! That’s making me even more excited to use the gorgeous September Cocoa Daisy Kit! Back porch, fireflies, starry night skies…..some of my very favorite things!

I absolutely love the sticker sub that Cocoa Daisy released a few months ago. It is six large sheets stuffed full of functional and decorative stickers – really enough for all month long! How gorgeous are these?!

I plan in two planners – my personal Foxy rings (my everything planner) and my Erin Condren hourly (my home planner). I use the stickers in both planners and they work amazingly. Today I’m going to share what a weekly layout typically looks like in my Erin Condren, and then I’m going to share a picture of how I use some of the other stickers in my personal Foxy monthly view!

Like I stated above, my planner is the hourly. That layout works best for me because it shows exactly how my day is broken down. I homeschool, and being able to mark off the hours we are learning is really visually helpful to see how much time we have in the day to get other things done.

I typically start my weekly layout by putting a pretty, full box sticker in the upper left hand corner. This time I layered a “Hello September”  sticker over that. The lettering in this sticker is gorgeous!

I alternate what I do on my sidebar. Sometimes I try to letter a quote that I love, other times I make it super functional with lists and habit trackers. That’s what I did this week, and I really love how it turned out!

Even though I love the sticker sub, I also love mixing in some of the other Cocoa Daisy media. I am obsessed with the moon sticky note this month, so I put some glue on the back and turned it into a sticker too!

I love the washi strip sheet. I mean – I seriously LOVE the washi strip sheet. It is perfect for marking something over the course of the day, or for marking something that lasts several days at a time, like a trip. I use the skinnier ones to mark our school days, as well as our community days for our homeschool group. (That’s why there are two strips on Friday. My oldest daughter goes to her Community Day while I stay home and teach the other four).

I use the full box stickers to fill in empty white space. I think this still works perfectly even though I don’t use a vertical planner with the three vertical boxes. I love putting these in my planner – they add so much color and decoration to my week!

I think this sticker sub is amazing! It has so many stickers to use in so many different places and so many planners! And I love that even though it has full box stickers, and others that are technically meant to fit an EC planner, that they work perfectly in other layouts!

Like I mentioned above, I also use the stickers in other layouts. I used the sub stickers and a mix of stickers from the other kits (like the planner add on) in my monthly view in my personal Foxy. Here’s what this month looks like:

I absolutely love the fact that one kit can help tie my planners together into one cohesive theme! Especially when the kit is a Cocoa Daisy Kit!

Do you have the sticker sub? If you do, what planner do you use them in? I’d love to see! Tag me in the Facebook group or on Instagram (@gracefulplanner) so I can see them!

Thank you for planning along with me today Daisies! I hope you have a magical September – I’ll see you again soon

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  1. Simone Schermann

    Love how you use the stickers in your EC! Thank you so much for sharing!


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