Traveling tote – Memory Keeping on the Go

Hello Daisies!

For the longest time I’ve struggled with memory keeping while traveling. Either I bring too much or nothing at all. There’s been no inbetween. The tote in the planner main kit this month was a game changer in that area! It fit all of the papers from the planner kit (and pocket memory keeping kit) along with a bunch of other things.

So going down to Gothenburg for a workshop I decided to try this little gem out to see if I would get anything done. Before leaving I made sure to print out a bunch of photos to play around with.

I stuffed the bag with my papers, I really like to matt my photos, just a small little border makes a page look so pretty. Washi tape is another must have! They’re good for layering, making little tabs or just fill in empty space.

The doilies I kept in a glassine bag, I sandwiched them between a couple of papers just so I wouldn’t damage them. Too pretty to waste!

Along with papers I stuffed the planner pouch from the august planner kits, it’s perfect for all the small things like die cuts, stickers, sticky notes and more. What I’ve learnt is that crafting on a train for example needs to be quick to pack up and not take up too much space. This way I could just take out what ever I need and also toss everything back when it was time to get off.

Keeping the die cuts in a glassine bag serves a double purpose, it gives you easy access to the decorations and it also serves as a tray. Perfect!

My process this time around was pretty simple, I cut all of the photos apart (I print multiple photos on one photo paper), sorted them and then went on to place them into my minidori. When all of the photos were in I could move on to put in a bit of decorations like titles and die cuts. The journaling part is much easier to save for later, at least if you want it to look neat. I had a really good time on the train and got a couple of pages done, so happy about that!

This month I am trying something different with my mini dori by the way, the first few spreads hold my weekly planner and whatever is left I use for memory keeping, so far it has been really fun and it feels like just the right amount of space for me to fill right now.

How do you store your crafty stash while traveling? I would love it if you tagged me on Instagram (@kaffekanAnna) if you share any tips or photos!

Take care!
/Anna @kaffekanAnna

PS these photos have been taken after the trip, here in Sweden light is already more and more sparse. I did however create all of these pages while on the train.



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  1. Simone Schermann

    Love your traveling tote! The way you use the Mini this month is how I imagine mine to be in October. I can’t wait to try!


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