October Setup – Mini Dori (passport size)

Good morning and good autumn to all!
Autumn is my favorite season, I love its colors, the days under the plaid, the hot tea cups … in short, everything!

This month I got a mini dori as a gift from a friend so I decided to try this format, let’s see how it went!

I started by removing the original cover and creating one with a planner kit paper and adding the inside pockets (created by plastifying the vellum of the classified sub), where in the initial part I place the calendar card of the month and in the final pocket block notes.

I attached the pen loop to the back cover and add my beautiful pengem.

On the first page I inserted the stickers of the days of the week where I will write the commitments that are repeated every week.

For the layout I decided to insert 2 days for space for a total of 6 days on page plus a free space for notes.
The first part has an opening part that makes a mark with a diecuts that I covered on the back with a washi that I also used to join the opening part.
This first part will be dedicated to expenses!

The central pages I always leave plenty of free to use at will during the month, I only added a central card and a page for the goals of October.

The second part of the dori is dedicated to fitness, I write about the activity performed, the weight and all that is related to wellness.
Also for this part layout with 6 days a week more free space.
As a marker I created a tag with a card of the sub. On the back sign the fitness days held in the month in order to have a total vision.

As for the setup of my passport is everything, at first impression this format seems very comfortable and light to always carry in the bag.
Of course, only by using it I will be able to understand if it is really done for me, I will update you on my social networks.
Do you use small formats? How do you set them up?
If you like, leave me some ideas in the comments!

Be creative,



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  1. Simone Schermann

    I love all of the things you added to your Mini Daisy Dori! I can’t wait to see how it works for you – I’ll be using one this month too!


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