Four Planner Pockets

I went a little pocket crazy this month! I made 4 different pockets for my planner. They all served different purposes and I love how they turned out! Here’s a peek at all four of them together! I’ll break down each one in detail below, so keep reading if you’re interested in joining the pocket frenzy!


Up first is this layered pocket inspired by Lindsey Sasseville’s youtube tutorial. Here’s a link to the video that inspired me to start layering the gorgeous Cocoa Daisy exclusive papers to make a pocket that holds my stickers!

After I layered the 3 pieces of paper together, I ran the edges through my sewing machine to hold the 3 pieces together. It’s my first time using my sewing machine on paper products and it was quick and easy. I actually love the stitching so much I’ll be using my sewing machine on the papers again in future months!


I added a “sweater weather” sticker from a 2017 Cocoa Daisy kit to finish off the look.

Here’s what the pocket looks like when the stickers are inside. I just keep the entire envelope, stickers and all, slipped into the back of my planner for easy access.

Up next is pocket number two, also inspired by a Cocoa Daisy Design Team Member. Kylie Kingham posted a fabulous youtube on how to turn the vellum into a usable pocket and I decided to store my notepad in mine. I have this envelope slipped in to the back of my planner pocket as well.

Ready for option 3?! This pocket is just a laminated piece of the Cocoa Daisy paper. I have a youtube video up to show how to make the laminated pocket part. I punched this one to go in my rings and it separates my weekly and daily inserts inside the “planning” section in my planner.  I love slipping in die cuts and pictures of my son for a special touch!

Up last is this envelope from the 2018 scrap booking kit. All I did was punch holes in it to put in to my rings. I always carry my planner with me, as a wallet of sorts, so this has been perfect for slipping receipts and notes in to when I’m out and about!

I hope you enjoyed seeing how I used 4 different pocket/envelopes this month! I also hope to see you join in on the pocket frenzy in future months; I can’t wait to see what you all come up with!


Happy Planning

Jennifer Crowder




  1. Simone Schermann

    Jennifer, this is such a great blogpost! I have to share it in the group (again). Thank you so much!

    • Jennifer

      Thank you, Simone!!! ??Comment


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