A Reason For The Season

Hi everyone!  I recently made it into the Cocoa Daisy Memory Keeping Team for 2019 and while I am excitedly waiting for my November kit to arrive, I’d like to show you a memory keeping project I made using the November Planner kit.   Don’t you just love how the planner kits can be used for memory keeping as well?

The October and November planner kits were centered on the fall season which we don’t have in my home country, the Philippines.   I wanted to use the fall themed supplies in my memory keeping, but the thing is, I have never experienced fall, ever.

So, I thought of a solution. Why not make layouts playing around the words FALL and LEAF?

I was looking at my photo files and I realized my husband and I rarely had photos together as  a couple.  One of us would always be behind the camera and the focus was always on our kids.  So to rectify that, I asked my 7 year old son to take a photo of us which is why it’s a little fuzzy.   I played around the word “FALLing” to match the seasonal leaf pattern on the cardstock for this memory keeping spread.

You can check out the process video of this project HERE.

On this planner page, I did some “WishFALL”  thinking and listed down things I’d like to experience in the Fall season.

On this page, I played around the word “Believe” to make use of a really awesome quote.

Here are other “Fall” themed prompts you can use:
*Something Wonder”FALL”
*Something Aw”FALL”
*”FALL”ing in love
*Something beauti”FALL”
*Wish”FALL” thinking

Here are “LEAF” themed prompts you can use:

*”LEAF” me alone
*Be”LEAF” in yourself


Don’t let the lack of experience hinder you from using season themed supplies.  All it takes is a little creativity and playfulness.  Hope you got some ideas from this post.  Enjoy the rest of the season! 🙂


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