December Walk-Through

Walking in a winter wonderland!! I love that song and the December kit!! They go great together, add a hot cuppa and I am a happy girl!!!

Lets not waste any time!

I can not get enough of this months planner kits, the second I open that golden goodness it brings a big smile!!!

All the colors!! Classic and pastel! I can’t get enough! if I could have squeezed anything else in those yummy pockets, I would have!!

Having an ideal day helps me get grounded when I feel a little flighty. I can refer to this and get right back on track.

Using the year at a glance for a year at a glance? Who am I? This next year is going to hold so many new opportunities! I really need to be able to keep track of them so I don’t over lap and over commit!!

All of my dashboards have “flash,” AKA pom-pom trim, instead of tabs this month!! I wanted to change it up a bit!! Now she’s back! I have several types and each dash board has a different color!!

Layering the shiny vellum snowflakes on my faith dash board added just the right touch.

I am doing the Jingle and Joy Daily praying/reading this year. I found this free print out on their website: SWEETTOTHESOUL.COM. I laminated it and clipped it in rather than punched it to fit as an insert. That may have been a mistake. we shall see!!

My daily dashboard was a colab with my bestie! she helped me with the quote!! Isn’t it perfect!!

The transformation of the inserts into dutch doors has been in my planner for a few months now!! I love it! it really seems to be working for my needs at this season of my life. Having the daily space to write  out my to-dos and such and the week at a glance at the top for weekly appointments just makes me happy! You can find the tutorial a few posts back or I have a little walk through video on IG in my highlights! At the beginning of the week I like to write all my goals for said week and a major to-do list that can be broken down over the week into my dailies. 

I used the CD free print outs to make my bookmark and I my cricut to make the tab at the top (TODAY). I adore that CD always has a MAG journaling card in the pocket memory kit! Now I can have my WAG, MAG and my daily all at a glance!!

Since I wasn’t using all the tabs this month on my dash boards I decided to be a little creative and used one to make the journaling card an insert! It worked great!

I laminated the book mark for two reasons. One, its going to be used everyday and I wanted it to last all month and two, so I could add stickies or washi and they wouldn’t harm the book mark.

Of course I had to add a Christmas countdown!!

At the end of the week I want to start reflecting on some highlights from the week!! Most of the time I leave the last page of the week for next weeks appointments, goals, projects or plans.

Inbetween my dutch door I am using the WO2 as a little December Daily. I know how popular December Daily is! I think that it is such a great idea and have tired and I have failed. This year I am going to use the WO2 and see if I can at least take 1-2 pictures a day! KISS=keep it simple sweetie

Oh this is a Fave!! Keeping all the free printables for gift tracking behind this little gem!!

I turned the back into a folder to keep wish lists and ideas. December always comes with lots of receipts, so why not add a little envelope you got from the sweetest of sweet friends and glue a few CD die cuts and a doily on for fun and keep all of them in one safe place! You know I printed the free gift lists and added them in here too!!

The last dashboard is for random notes and brain dumping. I felt a pocket was a great way to make the dash board pretty and functional!

I used the A5 free printables to make the inserts here. So pretty I may not even decorate them!

Last but not least is another full pocket!

I hope you enjoyed our walk through my winter wonderland!! If you have any questions or comments please leave them below or ask me on IG @chipped_in_time_






  1. Amy

    Your set up is a Winter Wonderland! Absolutely magnificent. Can’t get enough of it.

    • Kami Higgins

      Thank you so much for stopping by!! And your sweet words! Thank you!!

  2. Collectitall676

    I love your December planner set up! What planner cover and size are you using?

  3. Simone

    Wow, Kami, what a fabulous setup! Thank you so much for sharing!


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