Make It Happen in 2019; Tips for Goal Planning

Hello my planner peeps in the Daisy Kingdom, Kami here bringing you more words to read, ponder and hopefully inspire!

It’s the new year and most of us are making resolutions and goals!! Will we keep them? Statistics say no! But I say we can! If we want! “If it’s important we will find a way, if it is not, we will find an excuse.” That is one of my very most favorite quotes of all times! It applies to any and all things you are doing in life!! Wait a minute and let that soak in.

While you are letting that soak in I am going to grab my coffee! You should too or your favorite beverage, and your planner so you can take notes!!

That’s better! Now that that has soaked in we can get our mindset straight and get to work! I am going to be honest here, I am not a “goal” setter. I really don’t know how it all works and fits together! However, over the last few days I have done my homework (that means that some of my 6 hour a day screen time wasn’t all waisted scrolling, go me). I have watched several videos. I took notes of the things I want to implement or struck me as a good idea and thought you might want to hear what they were. Hopefully you will find some new info and be inspired to set a goal or two or however many you wish!! Not only do I hope you want to join me in setting goals but, that these ideas will help us do what I don’t do best, be a finisher!! I am the best starter around! But one of the worst finishers! Starters, unite and lets finish 2019!! Lets MAKE IT HAPPEN!

The idea of January being the only month we set goals is a hinderence and has kept me from doing some pretty rad things! I don’t want to let another day go by waisted because its not Jan 1! Which, can I just say, is one of the worst days to start anything! I mean, I stayed up 4 hours past my bedtime. I just ate myself into a food-coma and drank all the sugary fuzzy drinks I could get my holidazed hands on. And you want me to wake up at 5 am to do a 3 hour work out, meal prep, clean the entire house top to bottom, make a gourmet healthy meal and read 25 books! Um no! I need coffee! Don’t make January one the only time you can set a goal! Its Jan 10, for crying out loud, and I am still adjusting and reprioritizing my goals! Take the time to really sit and brain dump all the ideas and possibilities of a new year, even month, heck I dare say, the day!

Make your goals achievable but, challenging!!

Break your goals down into bite size pieces! Say you want to lose 30lbs. Um hello, those thirty pounds didn’t decide to take up residence over night. It was broke down bite by bite. Seriously in all seriousness though, you have to sit down and realistically say to yourself how can I do this? By month, week, and daily!!! Keep a tracker to keep you motivated and duh, on track!

Block out time daily to work on these goals, even if it is a short period of time! You can eat an elephant. One bite at a time! Make it happen in 2019 friends!!

Ok for an added bonus this month I have asked some of the other team members if I can share there pictures of their planners and how they are goal planning this year!! Go check out there Instagram feed to get all the deets of their plands! NOW, Stand back and be AMAZED!!!!

Wendy Antenucci IG: @wantennucci

I love a good list and this goal snap is definitely swoon worthy!

Kristine Bryant IG: @teachplancraft

Keeping things front and center with her goals! As soon as she opens her TN they are right there standing at attention!!

Tricia Romo IG: @lovelyreadergirl

These crisp clean pages are just screaming to be filled with all the amazing things that Tricia wants to accomplish!

Last but most definitely not least!!!

,Jennifer Crowder IG: @happyplanningplace

Wow! Mind blown!! Every goal is worth crushing! Even one goal is super important and exciting if it is what you really want to accomplish in a year, month, week, day! And, lets face it! Sometimes even one goal is a challenge to achieve!!

I hope you are on the edge of your seat ready to take a bite out of this year, and start off slow and steady! But also with a hunger you have never felt before! Maybe you can tell with all the food references that those hypothetical 30lbs mentioned earlier might be mine!! There I’ve said it!

I love you all and cherish each and every read and comment!! So please, let me know if something in todays post stood out to you! I want to know how you are planning your goals!! Tell me in the comments below!

Happy New Years and Even happier goal planning, sweet friends!!

Make it happen in 2019                                                                                                           XOXO                                                                                                                                     Kam

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  1. janinerachau

    Great post! Wonderful images and ideas!

    • Kami Higgins

      Thanks for stopping by and your sweet words!

  2. Cindy

    Comment love your work, very inspiring!! Just what I needed to hear!


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