Easy Art journaling

Hi everyone.

Tanti here. Do you love the theme of the kit this month like I do?

It was inspired by the art journal and it  inspired me to do art journal spreads in my Daisy Dori.

Today I want to encourage you to do this kind of journaling

Because it’s so fun and everyone can do it with or without drawing experience

Here are some easy ways to make an art journal or at least to give your journal page a bit of an artsy look.


The most simple way to do it, is just to add watercolour on the background.

I suggest to use the packaging technique to do this and not to use the brush directly to the paper

because otherwise the paper soaks up too much water.

What is packaging technique?

Basically you just add the watercolour with a brush onto a plastic packaging, then put the packaging face down onto the page and rub the packaging gently so that the paper soaks the watercolour. It’s up to you whether you want to use only one colour or multi colours.

On the picture below you can see the finished look using this technique.

I then did some stamping using the stamp set from the May 2018 kit.

I also added the alphabet stickers from the current memory keeping pocket kit.

On the next spread, I painted a little girl using acrylic paints.

You can watch my journaling process in the video at the end of this post.

If you are not into painting you can just use the patterned papers to make some shapes

just like I did on my next spread.

The process video of this journal spread will be coming soon on my Youtube channel.

So stay tuned for that.

For my next spread I cut a piece of mixed media paper to cover my pages.

I‘ve created the background using watercolour, before gluing the paper pieces onto the pages.

After I glued the papers, I added some die cuts and stickers onto it.

This is another option if you don‘t want to add painting or drawing on your journal pages.

You can see that I also added washi tape and pieces of ripped old book page to the spread.

I then wrote the quote in different fonts and used various alphabet stickers.

This is how it looks at the end.

Well, I hope I could inspire you to do some art journaling in your planner.

If you have any questions, please just write it in the comment below

or tag me in the group.

Please share your art journal page if you made one or more in the group

or on Instagram using @cocoadaisy or tag me ( @tantikcreation).

I would love to see it.

Thank you so much for joining me today and see you next time.



IG: @tantikcreation

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