Passion Planner Setup

I recently found the Passion Planner and fell in love with the setup. Luckily my Cocoa Daisy kits are very versatile and I can easily use them in my new planner with no problem. The stickers make it easy to decorate my pages and keep it bright and cheery.

The full boxes fit nicely in my vertical days and I can use the tracker box on the left side. The coffee cups are probably my favorite, you can never have too much coffee.

Filling the empty spaces is easy with all of the decorative stickers. Betty looks so cute in her heart rain storm.

The “Love” paperclip holds my place and adds a cute decorative element.

With all the leftover bits I had I decided to setup my standard TN for notes and quick journaling. I love that the personal dashboards fit in here nicely. Of course I had to have Simon sticking out of one of the pockets.

I filled the backside of that insert with more happy bits and then added a personal dashboard to the front of the TN insert with a little washi tape.

This is the perfect place to jot down notes or thoughts. I hope you enjoyed this little setup!

Happy Planning

xoxo Tricia

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