Cocoa Daisy+Hobonichi= Heart

Hello daisies!

After staying true to my minidori for a couple of years I changed things up a bit this year. I went for the Hobonichi weeks and i must admit that it’s a bit scary to commit to one single planner for a whole year. Today I wanted to share a couple of ways I’ve inorporated my Cocoa Daisy kits into it, I’m still trying to figure a few things out like what inks work the best and such. And what will the bulk be when I’m done with this year?

One of the first things I do each week is to put down the date stickers from the planner add on kit, it instantly adds a bit of color which I love! I also put down a strip of washi, this time from the planner sticker kit, to section of my days to schedule work/gym/when my partner is out of town for studies.

At the bottom of the spread I usually spruce things up with even more washi. 

Something I’m very fond of doing is filling out blank space, like on this Tuesday where nothing much happened. I masked off the space around the day and used a heart stamp to create sort of a custom made box sticker. There’s only two different inks used but by using second and even third generation stamping it looks like I’ve used a couple different shades more. And all along I’m just being lazy, gotta love that! 

On the blank page to the right I like to keep a meal plan and to do list. As it’s a pretty big space the big box stickers from the memory keeping sticker kit will work splendidly! I also cut out a Simon from a page from the notepad, this is a great way to create a huge sticker, and plenty of them at that! 

Of course I add Cocoa Daisy to my monthly view as well. At the top of the page I add in the days of the week stickers from the planner add on, again this instantly adds color and sets the tone for the month. For events that span over several days I like to add a bit of washi, this pink one with red spots on it is one of my all time favorites! 

As I’m a huge fan of alpha stickers I used these to make a goal section, I keep my monthly goals simple and attainable. They all stem from my yearly goals so I make sure to reach those.



A little update on how it’s going with the fitness part of my planner. Still going strong! Every heart, star and dot is one completed work out for the month of February.


If you head on over to my Instagram: KaffekanAnna i share even more inspiration on how I use my Cocoa Daisy kits in all of my Hobonichi planners and journals. There’s really an endless amount of ways to incorporate the kits. I love that we’re now able to get the planner kits with the goodies only, making it easier to use for planner nerds who use different planners.

Take care!



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