April Plan with Me!

Happy April! It’s Rachel and I am on the Cocoa Daisy Blog today sharing my weekly planner spread for the first week of April.

One of the things I like most about planning is trying out different weekly formats. While this b6 insert is intended to be set up at a horizontal layout, it doesn’t have to be! Last month, I set up this insert with vertical Week on 2 pages and daily pages in the back. This month, I decided to change things up!

First, I pulled a few of the “blank” pages out of the insert and punched these to go inside my mini happy planner. Then, I set up the insert to be a week on 4 pages, with Monday through Thursday on the first two pages, Friday through Sunday on the next page and all of my to-do’s and trackers on the final page.

I think this setup will work well; it is a perfect combination of what I did last month. Each daily column has plenty of room and the dedicated “to-do’s” page frees up daily columns for more documenting.

I love this month’s kits! The colors are so ME and I love the beautiful cherry blossoms and paper crane elements. The cherry blossoms remind of my time living in DC, and the paper cranes make think of serenity and peace — something I need during this busy time of year!

This week is a little different from most weeks because I will be traveling for most of it. I am heading to California to help a friend and her shop’s booth at a planner event. It should be really fun!

I tried to keep a lot of open space on my daily columns to document the trip. I love the b6 size because it is so compact and easy to travel with. Plus, it is so much easier to “fill” the page.

When I travel, I tend to pick up memorabilia along the way. To make sure I actually document with this memorabilia, I have added a sheet from the notepad as a tip-in on the 4th page and reserved a two page in the middle of the spread for any photos and other documenting I want to do on this trip.

I hope you enjoyed this peak inside one of my weekly spreads for April.  Make sure to check out my Plan With Me Video for this week’s set up. Until next time!


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