May Showers bring……Gardenias!

Hello Daisies! Can you believe it’s already May? I am having such a hard time believing we are almost through with the fourth month of 2019! We are in the swing of all sorts of spring stuff here: soccer season, finishing up our homeschool year, planning and prepping for vacation (I can’t wait!!!) But in the midst of all that – setting up my planner with all the gorgeous May Cocoa Daisy goodies!

Ya’ll, I switched sizes again. Maybe one day I will post two months in a row in the same planner size . . . But today is not that day. Hahaha. I switched back to a6 rings. You know how much I love personal rings, but I just keep stuffing them full and then my planner is as heavy as a brick. I still stuff the a6 rings, but it’s still much lighter, which I love!

I filmed a flip through for you. (Warning: It’s chatty. I changed some stuff up and really discussed my reasons why). I also did something that I can’t believe I’ve never thought of before. I use clear dividers and then cut the Cocoa Daisy papers to fit in the dividers each month. This month, in addition to putting the papers in the dividers, I also took my favorite cards from the Pocket memory keeping kit and put them in different dividers too – that way I can enjoy them all month long! Cocoa Daisy ALWAYS has the best quotes! See if you can spot all the ones I picked in the video!

As always, my setup is never complete at the beginning of the month. I continue to add and fill in my planner with more gorgeous bits from the kits, until my entire planner is stuffed full (see?!) of awesome Cocoa Daisy goodness, I’ll be sure to share what I add throughout the month on my Instagram, so be sure to join me over there! And as always, if you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to share!

Talk to you soon friends!




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