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Hi everyone!  Today I will share with you the different types of trackers I have been using in my planner.

Trackers can be really helpful when you want to track your progress toward a certain goal.  This year, my goal was to read at least 30 books.  Here’s where I have been writing the book titles down.  I love this book tracker because I can see how much I have read so far.  8 books and it’s already May — I have to devote more time to reading.

Another one of my goals this year is to make my memory keeping more interactive, so I also made a tracker for that.  I jotted down all the possible  interactive techniques I could try in my TN so that I’ll never run of ideas to work on.  I’m happy to say that I have made steady progress toward achieving this goal.

This is my most favorite tracker : my craft wishlist. Hehehe! I’m actually surprised it is very short.  Here is where I list down all the things I want to buy once I have extra money.   This is super helpful because I am actually celebrating my birthday this month so all I have to do is pick something from this list as my birthday present.

I always make sure to have 3 types of trackers in my monthly planner: a mood tracker, a work tracker and an instagram tracker.  The 3 trackers I’m using for May were made with the Picket Fences kit.  My work tracker is really important because it is where I jot down my responsibilities as a member of both the memory keeping and planner teams of Cocoa Daisy.  This tracker helps me monitor whether I have fulfilled my work responsibilities.

My instagram tracker is where I put in the Cocoa Daisy Planner Challenge prompts I want to participate in for the month.

I also always make sure I have a mood tracker.  I honestly don’t know what purpose this mood tracker does for me but I totally enjoy colouring in  my mood before the day ends.

Earlier this year, I tried tracking my sleep hours but I totally failed at that.  I was thinking it was because I already have an idea how much sleep I get in general and I already knew deep down, that no matter how I track my sleep, I should totally just decide to sleep more. 

This experience got me thinking that trackers are effective only if they serve a purpose, if they show you your progress toward a certain goal or a habit you want to manifest in life.  I also think that we should be making evaluations and decisions based on the ‘data’ that we receive in our trackers to keep us from just doing mindless recording.

Thank you for dropping by to see my trackers.  How have you been using trackers in your planner?  I hope you share about them in the comments below.


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