May Picket Fence Plan with Me!

Hello, again! Rachel here, and I am excited to be back on the blog with a “Plan with Me”.


But first, let’s look at my planner setup! This month, I have changed things up with a little planner hack to make my B6 Dori  fit inside my mini happy planner. I needed several sections in my planner this month and the discs help me customize the dori so that I can get the most out of every page. If you’d like to see a flip through of this setup, you can check out my setup video above.

I am using the dori insert pages for fitness, food, and travel planning. For my weekly planning, Im using my mini happy planner pages. I love the vertical format of these pages and was so happy to discover that the Cocoa Daisy stickers fit so nicely inside the boxes.

The beginning of my week is all about functional and checking things off. I used one of the clipboards to list the big to-do’s that I have to get done before I leave. I don’t mind that it covers two days. This helps me to not cram too much into one day. I treat workouts like appointments – if I don’t give it a time, it likely won’t get done! I loved using the little hexagons and trimmed down quarter boxes to mark my fitness plan.

I decided to use the sidebar for a quick glance at dinner plans and a cleaning schedule. I know I won’t be here for the second half of the week, so the cleaning may have to fall to my better half (hee hee!).

I’m traveling for most of this next week so, to mark this, I used the alphas from the Add-On Kit to mark where I was traveling to. This planner die cut was the perfect way to mark the purpose of my trip – helping my friend with her vending booth at the Stamp and Scrapbook Expo and assisting her at the Wandering Planners Event!

To keep track of my agenda on my trip, I used the half boxes from the Picket Fence Sticker Kit and just turned them on their side so that they fit inside the columns.

As I have been doing for the last few months, I sorted my kit supplies and keep all my stickers together in a clear envelope. The envelope fits nicely in my bag – I never want to be too far from my stickers!

I hope you enjoyed seeing how I planned this next week with the Picket Fence Planner Kits. If you’d like to see how these pages came together, make sure to check out my Plan with Me video.

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to sharing another plan with me in June!


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