5 Ways to Get Out of a Planner Slump

Hi crafty ones! A bit of a backstory, I’ve been going through a transition of moving cross-country, being a retired military spouse, and starting to work full time again in a new career field. I’ve been a bit drained and fell into a huge planner slump. I didn’t even want to touch my planner, let alone look at it. But ya girl is back at it and here to tell you 5 ways you can get out of your planner slump or just get inspired to try something new!

1. Start small

It is so easy to get overwhelmed with all our crafty goodies. So go back to the basics. Use your favorite Cocoa Daisy pen and planner insert for a week or so until you get back into the rhythm of planning. Then you can start adding in the other elements- stickers, die cuts, paperclips, etc! In the photo you can see I just started with some stamping and number stickers. I’ll add through the week or just jot down lists, memories, etc.

2. Browse the blog!!

Let me tell you I am the worst offender of forgetting about all the FREE resources we have. But when I do browse the blog or even go through some YT videos, I am so inspired by so many talented people. We all have our own style and sometimes we need to branch out and try it.

3. Try a different size

I didn’t want to touch my personal rings but I was gravitating towards my pocket travelers notebook. However, I didn’t have an insert on hand so I used what I could. I had a personal sized dori, I trimmed it down on the top and bottom and have been using it for memory planning. I absolutely love how small it is since I don’t feel overwhelmed to fill larger spaces.

4. Ask for help

There are PLENTY of people willing to give you ideas if you just ask for it on the Facebook group or on Instagram, use the hashtag #cocoadaisy or #cocoadaisyplannerchallenge. So come on and come connect with us!

5. Try a completely different layout

Are you strictly a vertical planner user? Switch to horizontal! Are you strictly horizontal? Switch to vertical! Do you love both? Try diagonal! You get my point. Try a different layout! See what is working and what isn’t.
Remember, our planners need to morph and evolve as we morph and evolve. Hope this helps you get re-inspired! If you have more ideas, share them in the comments below!
Until next time,

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