June Planner Set Up with Lemon Grove & Video

Hello Daisies!

I cannot believe that we are midway through the year already! This Lemon Grove kit is gorgeous and I had so much fun setting it up! I am definitely ready for the brighter blues and yellows.

I am finding that every month I change a few things and keep a few things. Here is a quick overview followed by a video.

I still find that setting up each week before the month begins is a huge timesaver for me. I am also starting to incorporate all my favorite little stickers from my friends’ shops again and love how well they work together with Cocoa Daisy. I love the wit and design elements in each kit and point out a few in my video.

I love making the laminated page markers! I have continued to make a new one each month, this time with the lemon sticky notes!

I used a few of the inside “blank” pages along with the sticker “prompts” to create motivation for journaling and documenting life’s moments. This section changes each month depending on the stickers included with the kits.

This month I laminated a few of the patterned papers to make pretty covers for each my inserts.

To see more of my set up and to hear why I did certain things, please watch my video here

You can also find me on instagram.

I hope you enjoy!



  1. LGrabarkewitz

    Comments what do you do with the month after it is complete? Do you have a planner for each month?

    • Cheryl Reiter

      Hi! Yes, I have a new set up for each month. I keep them together with rings through the holes. I love to look back at them and see what I was doing and thinking at the time. I will post a photo in the Cocoa Daisy Planner Fans group on Facebook.


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