Lemon Grove Plan with Me – Dashboards & Video

Hello Daisies,

Today I am walking you through my thought process as I create 4 dashboards using the Lemon Grove Day Planner Dashboards. Each one these on their own are beautiful but adding that extra touch will bring them to the next level and make them your own!

This one was very simple – I mat it with another decorative paper, add a few embellishments and it takes it up another level. The first photo is the reverse side of this dashboard and I use the cute rubber accents and ruffle up some washi tape!

Here is another dashboard that is gorgeous on its own but by adding the green accents it really mades the pattern pop without overwhelming the eye.

Here is a favorite of mine – adding photos to dashboards. This way your loved ones are with you where ever you go. I used one of beautiful doilies included in the Lemon Grove Memory Pocket Keeping Kit along with the “this moment” glittered title. The page marker is made from the lemon sticky notes stacked together and run through the laminating machine (I do not actually demonstrate how to make the page marker).

I will walk you through my thoughts as I create each of these in my youtube video attached below. I hope you enjoy!

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