On the Grid with Lemon Grove

Hi! Odessa here with some grid based layouts from Ria and myself today. We’re both sharing layouts made using a combination of the different Lemon Grove Kits in our Traveler’s Notebooks. Grid can be interpreted a few different ways; working on grid paper, working in a grid design, arranging photographs in a grid and even more I can’t think of right now. Ria and I both had a similar approach with a grid page from the Traveler’s Notebook on one side, using the grid to alight a bunch of embellishments balanced by a bold page on the other side.

Ria used the grid paper to line up the embellishments along the left side of her layout. She says that she loves the subtle grid pages found in the Traveler’s Notebooks that come with the kit because it makes it easy to line everything up.

Her embellishments and paper and photos all go so well together! It’s so bright and fun!

I also used the grid paper to line up my embellishments. I made an organized arrangement of various embellishments, stickers, alpha stickers, stamping, die cuts and paper clips, on the left side using the grid paper in the Traveler’s Notebook as my guide. On the right side I inserted a full page photo. The nice thing about converting my Traveler’s Notebook to work on loose binder rings is that it’s so easy to add things in (and get a little heavy handed with chunky embellishments!)

The large photo did not need much embellishing but I tied it together with the left side of the layout with a cute tab from one of the Lemon Grove kits with a phrase sticker from the Memory Keeping Sticker Subscription. You can also see the alpha stamp set I used from the Lemon Grover Traveler’s Notebook kit, it’s such a nice basic font to use in layouts!

I sat down with my kits and started pulling out all the embellishments that felt like they gelled with my photo from a recent camping trip. It was all about relaxing and warm sunshine so there was a lot of great stuff to chose from in the kits. I used embellishments from all of the Lemon Grove Memory Keeping kits including the Classified Kit which I always look so forward to every month. It always has the perfect extra touches. I like to add lyrics to layouts often so I snuck some in here with the stamping and those awesome yellow puffy alpha stickers.

I kept it simple on my photo and just pulled some of the yellow over in the tab up top and a label sticker to head up my journalling. If you haven’t tried working on the grid, I recommend pulling out some fav kit embellishments and just moving them around until it feels right! It’s such a fun process.

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