Pockets Full of Sunshine

Hello Daisies, Belen here. Can you believe that we’re half way through the year already? It seems like only yesterday that I was writing my 2019 goals into my January setup! Well today I have pockets full of sunshine to share with you. Planner pockets, that is.

Before I jump in I just want to say that as a hardcore “love everything pink” kind of girl, I was not prepared for just How Much I would love this kit or these color combos! But once I received it and opened up my box, I was simply blown away by the beauty of it all. So it’s official, I have a new color crush, yellow & blue!

Ok, so let’s talk pockets. I love adding several pockets to my set up each month. They come in handy for stashing notes, receipts, extra planner stickers, and other miscellaneous planner pretties.

My pocket styles tend to vary. This one here is a double pocket. I added some pocket cards and a couple clips to it, because you can never have too many pocket cards!

Sometimes I add a very simple diagonal deeper pocket like this one here.

I always find it fun to use contrasting but coordinating paper, when making my pockets. That’s what I love about my Cocoa Daisy kits, everything coordinates!

This pocket here was made from 2 triangle shaped paper trimmings that I had. I have got to say, those paper trimmings sure do come in handy!

And this pocket is my favorite of the month. It’s a fold out pocket.

It opens up to reveal 2 diagonal pockets that are jam packed full of stickers, die cuts, tags, and misc bits from my stash.

I like layering things inside of my pockets and using pretty clips to keep it all together.

Both sides of my pocket were hole punched to slip into the ring, but on the side that I wanted to fold out, I snipped just the tiniest bit out of the holes. This allows for my pocket to be easily come away from the rings when I want to open it, but also remain securely closed, when I’m carrying my planner around.

I’ve also prepared a Pockets Full of Sunshine video to share with you!

Thank you and I hope you enjoy my video. You can find me on Instagram HERE.

Happy Planning!

xoxo, Belen


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  1. Mary Hall

    Great video. How do you construct the pocket? What kind of glue to you use?


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