Memorykeeping: Photos Optional

Hi everyone! I am here to share a project made with the Farmer’s Market kit.  I’m sure you’re all loving Farmer’s Market as much as I am.  Other than being a planner/crafter, I am a foodie as well.  I absolutely love this food theme!

I’ve been using the memory keeping kit to document my happy moments as a foodie.  I was lucky that during those times I had a camera ready to shoot lovely pics of the food before they got devoured by table mates.  However, a lot of my food memories actually don’t have a photo.

So in this mini project, I decided to try some quick food journaling to document some food ideas/thoughts/memories that I don’t actually have a photo for.  I’ve been using the Everyday Explorers’ One Day At A Time Traveler’s Notebook for everyday short journaling earlier this year, so this is what I used for this project.

I started by looking at the different food themed stickers and ephemera and picked the ones that sparked my interest.  I picked 7 and assigned them a spot on the layout.  I created my own food journal prompts based on these 7 that I picked.  Here they are:

Sunday: Tag Ephemera: Restaurants I Want To Try

Monday: “I Don’t Think So” : Popular Dishes I Can’t Stand

Tuesday: “The Heart Of The Home” : Family Favourites

Wednesday: “Favourite Food Buddy” : Favourite Food Buddy

Thursday: “32 cents” : Cheap Food Thrills

Friday: “Food Therapy” : How Food Has Changed Our Health

Saturday: “Try New Things” : New Food I tried This Year

Sunday: “Made With Love” : Food I Can Cook With My Eyes Closed

I looked for coordinating stamps that would match the prompts and inserted them in.  Then, I was ready to put my journaling in.  I alternated between using bullets and sentences for ease.  I totally enjoyed racking my brain thinking of past and current food memories to answer the prompts I came up with.

The funny thing is, my plan was to spread my journaling across the week because lately I haven’t had enough journaling time.  But, when I got started, it was so easy and quick, I finished the whole thing in one sitting.   I loved that this style of memory keeping is so easy and fun to do because it’s an option I can take whenever I don’t have ready photos to use.

Daisies, hope you believe me when I say that the best ‘camera’ we have is the one inside our head.  Our brains are filled with lovely imprints of memories and ideas that we can jot down anywhere and in any way, photo or no photo.

Thank you for passing by.


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