September Planner Setup

Greetings, Daisies!  It’s Kristine here with you, and today I am sharing my September planner setup.  I swear, it feels like it was just January – how did fall get here so quickly??  However it happened, I’m glad it did, because these Book Club kits are just amazing. I have about a zillion photos for you, so let’s dive in!

I’m going to show you two planner setups – my work planner and my personal planner. I discovered last year that it works best for me to keep work and personal items separated, so that’s why I have this setup. (Plus, two planners to decorate each month! Bonus!)

Let’s start with my personal planner (right).  For September, I am changing it up AGAIN (you’re shocked, I’m sure, lol). In an effort to simplify, I am using a PrintPression Weeks planner in a Foxy Fix MegaWeeks cover in Zoe Posh. (More about the PPWeeks coming up.) On the front is a beautiful book swag from my friend Lisa at Fir and Yew. (While we’re here, the front of my work planner features an Alice bow charm from Peonies Paperie.)


Inside the front cover of my personal planner, I have a decorative tag I made from some kit items and a blank dot grid insert wrapped in a Foxy Fix vinyl dashboard. Since the PPWeeks is a bound book, this extra insert in the front gives me space for extra notes, decoration, and a place to put my sticky notes.

Now for the PPWeeks itself.  It has three sections – 12 monthly pages, 52 weekly pages, and 24 gridded pages.  Here is the monthly spread for September – I used stickers from the Planner kit for the days and dates, and some washi and a couple decorative stickers finished it off. Over to the right, you can see the monthly bookmark I made from the kit card and a tab.

Next up is the weekly section. I’ve got two weeks laid out so far, using both stickers and stamps, and I love them both. (I must confess that I adore those bird stamps.  LOVE!) Another bookmark, this time using a pocket card and a tab, will mark my spot in this section.

In the back of the planner are 24 gridded pages, which I thought would be perfect for my habit and bill trackers.  I printed my habit tracker from Excel and used stickers and stamps for the bill tracker page. A bookmark made from a dashboard, one of the papers, and some of the letter stickers will hold my spot here.

Now for my work planner! This year I am using a disc planner that I designed myself (there is a walk-through on my YouTube channel for anyone who’s interested), and I’m super excited about it because I’m using the new DaisyWeeks sticker kit in it! Let’s have a look.

First up, the inside cover pockets.  I made another tag with book and bird diecuts, and added an inspirational pocket card.  A piece of kit paper with a decorative edge adds some structure to the front cover, and the kit vellum is peeking through my cover sheet.

My monthly spread includes number stickers from the Planner Add-On kit, decorative stickers, and a strip of that fabulous wide book washi. I cut down the bookmark Christine included this month and punched it so I can easily find this spot.

Now for my weekly section! I was so excited to see the DaisyWeeks stickers in person, and they do not disappoint! I’ve set up the whole month of September, and I still have a ton of stickers left over.  I expect I will add extra decorative stickers once each week is done and I see where I have some extra space.

I cut up one of the A5 dashboards and punched it to create a bookmark similar to the month one for this section:

Finally, I used a piece of kit paper and a trimmed personal dashboard to separate each section:

And there you have it!  Even though I’m not using a Cocoa Daisy insert, I have plenty of kit goodness to look at and make me happy for the coming month.

If you’ve made it through these bajillion photos, thanks for sticking with me!  I hope you enjoyed what you saw.  Please visit me on Instagram, YouTube, and the Cocoa Daisy Planner Fans Facebook group for more inspiration.  Until next month, happy planning!








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