September Set Up in Personal Rings using Book Club

Hello Daisies!

I’m back with my September planner set up! The Book Club is such a fun kit and so perfect for me as I am a lover of books…I have preferred reading over other activities for as long as I can remember!

August as well as September has been a very busy time for me and I am changing up my planner a little to make it more functional and require less separate sections until my life settles down again. Although I do have a couple of other planners I hope to share with you soon (recipe book and home building planner).

My planner still starts with a “Hello September” dashboard (not shown) and I plan to video a complete set up and post it as soon as possible.

I think it is important to have goals each month and make them realistic. These are always in my planner and can be placed on one page anywhere that is convenient in your set up. Set them too high and they are hard to attain, set them too low and you really are not striving towards anything. I am trying to strike a balance somewhere in between.

As always, I am keeping my monthly calendar set up at the front. I use the Cocoa Daisy Month View that comes with the personal rings for my design team commitments (not shown). I also use a yearly monthly insert from AnniePlansPrintables (as seen above) so that I can keep the whole year in my planner. I just move it over each month.

My gratitude set up is still on the 7 days on one page. I used the number stickers from the Daisy Weeks Sticker kit for the dates and I love how transparent the stickers are but that you can still easily see the date!

I already set up the entire month so that all I need to do is add the details and any other stickers that apply! This really alleviates a lot of stress having it ready each week.

I looked ahead to the challenge prompts and set up the “blank” pages to have them ready to complete for each of the challenges. Now all I will need to do is fill them in and take the photograph. Too often I am struggling to come up with a quick design and fighting against losing the daylight with either cloudy skies or that it is too late in the afternoon.

Instead of having a separate insert for habit tracking that I keep forgetting to complete, I am using the stickers from the Planner Sticker kit. I am going to add a chore for each day of the week (laundry, vacuuming, dusting, etc.). For the second habit tracker, I am going to write in the following; make bed, take meds, clean kitchen, sweep floors. This should be easier and more manageable for me to stay on track with this month.

Also, because it is a Book Club theme and I love to read, I added a section to keep track of the books that I read this month and the books that I am interested in reading. This should be easy as long as I write the information down in between books! lol

The last section in my planner is the “To Do” section that comes with the Personal Rings Planner kit. I have a really pretty dashboard for it but I am using this photo because truth be told I would rather be reading than doing my To Do list!

I will be following up later today with a video walk through of my planner and will post the link here in the blog as well as in the Cocoa Daisy Planner Fan FB group as soon as it is finished.

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Until next time, Cheryl