September TN Planner Set Up + Video.

Hi everyone.

Tanti is here.

What do you think about the Book Club theme kit? Do you like it so far?

For me, it‘s absolutely one of my favorite kits. I love the books, the birds and of course the coffee or tea theme. Because I love to drink coffee and tea.

Today I want to share with you my September planner set up.

As you all might know. I always use the standard size TN for planning and memory keeping.

It gives me enough space to write everything down and to add some embellishments to make my pages pretty.

Let’s take a look at the cover.

I was inspired by the books to decorate it. It shows that the owl has a lot to do

in its office with a lot of books on the shelf and on the desk. It seems to have had a lot of coffee already in the morning to get started.

On this page I wrote down all the September’s challenge prompts.

I wrote the title using the Tombow dual brush pen and a Tombow calligraphy pen.

I‘m way not an expert in hand lettering but it‘s just the fun that counts.

This is the first spread of my planner section.

Since the month started on a Sunday, I have a big blank space to play with.

I just glued some die cuts from the free printables to fill in that space.

Now the spread looks like a book shelf.

This month, I used the stamps from the planner add on kit

to separate the weekend days. I then coloured the images using the coloured


Last but not least, my monthly view spread.

I always create my own monthly view because the one on the first page of the TN is a bit too small for all my schedules.

I decorated this spread using rub ons and washi tapes.

You can watch the set up process of this planner on the video below.

That’s it.

If you have any questions, you can write your questions here in the comment section below or tag me in the Facebook group.

You can see all the updates of this planner on my IG.


Thank you so much for joining me today and see you next time.



IG: @tantikcreation


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