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Hello Daisies!!
Moon and Evelyne are here today to share some ideas about making the pocket pages with the “Book Club” Memory Pocket Kit.
First, it’s Evelyne’s beautiful page.
Let’s take a look of the before and after photos.
How easy and quick it is to document daily life!

“I always wanted to try to do project life but I didn’t want to start another thing and then leave it aside.
Unfortunately, with a job, home and family, time is not much.
From July, however, I had the idea of making a single page, front and back, a month.”

“As soon as the kit arrives I choose the cards and insert them in the happy planner envelopes, then during the month or at the end,
I decide to finish the project with the photo that most represents my month or that I could not use in a layout on tn .
Add a few die-cuts, rub-ons and I’m done!” said Evelyne.

Next is my 12″x12″ pocket page of my Penang trip back in 2017.

For me, this is always the best way to keep all the photos while you don’t want to miss any one of them.
Like this page, I just love every corner of the boutique hotel we stayed in Penang.
From the lobby to the room, and also the restaurant, every single place is just nice for the vacation.

All I need are some journaling cards that are decorated with the puffy alphabet stickers, die-cuts, chipboards, and enamel dots.
It took me only half an hour to get everything done!

Hope you all have some ideas to create your own projects with the well designed kits.
Please share what you have done with us on Facebook group!!

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  1. Robin Adryan

    Lovely post Moon and Evy!


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