Autumn Whimsy Set-up

Hi everyone!!  It’s me, Ria, and I’m excited to share with you my October set-up using Cocoa Daisy’s Autumn Whimsy kit.  I loved the fall colors of this kit.  I also love that it had a touch of fantasy with it.  I have been creating my own planner pages inside a Daycraft journal for more than a year now.  I love taking apart the Cocoa Daisy kits and making them my own.

I had a bit of trouble creating my monthlies ever since I started using a blank journal.  I used to work in a grid journal so I had grid lines for reference.  Blank journals mean blank references so my lines ended up wonky and wobbly.  Rather than be upset, I have accepted that this can give a unique character to my monthly.  It makes it even more handmade than it is.  I especially love monthlies because it’s the whole month at one glance.  This is also where I put in my month’s goals.

This first weekly spread was my most favorite of all.  I loved the mushrooms so much.  Honestly, it was tough for me to use the weekly mushroom stickers because they were so cute!!  I was too afraid I would ‘ruin’  or ‘waste’ them.  I’m glad I made the decision to be brave and use them.

For this 2nd weekly spread, I worked with the reds and oranges of the kit.  I love that the fairies added a touch of whimsy and fantasy to this spread.

For this weekly spread, I chose the greenish and bluish elements of the kit for cohesiveness. I love that the blues and greens are also a good contrast to the striking reds and oranges of the kit.  I mostly used stickers that came from the memory keeping sticker kit.

This is my 4th week and I chose to use the mushroom die-cuts.  They are super cute!

This is the page that I use to write the October Cocoa Daisy challenge.  I pick out the prompts that speak to me and I plot them in here.

I always have a page for my work related expectations.  It helps me keep track of what I need to do for my Cocoa Daisy memory keeping and planning teams and other deliverables.

My month always includes an evaluation page where I write what worked and what didn’t.  It helps me to see the areas to be thankful for and the areas that would need improvement for the next month.

Thank you for checking out my October set-up.  I hope you have a wonderful October!!


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