November Planner Setup with Memphis Season (plus video)

Hey, Daisies!  So it looks like fall has finally decided to arrive, and I could not be happier!  Even though the Memphis Season kits don’t contain typical fall images, the colors and leaves and theme of gratitude are all about fall, and I am here for it!  I had the best time putting my planner together, and I can’t wait to start using it and showing it off.

My video is divided into segments showing how I did my monthly layout, pocket decoration, page markers, dashboards, bill and habit tracker page, and sticker envelope. Here are some teaser images for you – first, my inside cover with pocket deco and dashboard:

Here is one of the slide-on page markers I made from the beautiful acetate (the other is made from the vellum) – I had never tried side-loading pockets like these before, but felt confident I could pull it off, and they turned out great!

A peek at my monthly view (I am IN LOVE with those dark teal letters!):

My sticker envelope decoration:

Grab a cup of your beverage of choice, settle under your blankie, and watch me ramble my way through making all the elements and putting it all together! (The interwebs are not cooperating with me this evening, so instead of the large screen link, here is a clickable link for you:

Setup Video

As always, thank you for being with me today, and I hope you see something that inspires you! Please join us in the Cocoa Daisy Planner Fans Facebook group, and hang with me on Instagram. Until next time, happy planning!








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