Memphis Season!

Hello friends! I hope your October is going well, and you’re enjoying your Autumn Whimsy kit! I have enjoyed it so much this month, but I am here to show you how I’ve set up my November (Memphis Season) kit!

If you saw that it was me sharing my setup and you guessed that I would be in a different planner……you’re right! Yes, I’ve switched again. I know I say this every time, but I’m really hoping this one sticks. I’m currently using a Gillio Compagna in the personal slim size. So yes, I’m back in personal; which is my absolute favorite size. And if you’re shocked that I’m not using my beloved Foxy Fix….well I am too. They’re my absolute favorite planner company. But in the journey of finding the planner I need for my season of life right now, I realized I need a personal size, but not one as big as Foxy. The slim Compagna has smaller rings and is about half the physical size of a personal Foxy. The insert size is the same, but the thickness of the planner is much smaller. I’ve trimmed down my sections even more, and now I truly only have in here what I use, with fun pops of color and decoration from this gorgeous kit. Want to see what’s inside? Let’s go!

This Compagna is a beautiful deep berry pink. I grabbed it off the BST, not even thinking about the upcoming kit, and once I got it I thought “uh-oh! This is a pink planner and this Memphis Season kit doesn’t really have this deep pink”. Y’all. This kit is STUNNING inside this planner. I’ve long joked that my deep love for pink made it a neutral color in my life – I pair it with everything! – and this kit is no exception. Look at my picture above. How gorgeous are those deep oranges and greens against that pink? I love deep pink as a fall accent honestly. It just looks so elegant and colorful against other traditional fall colors like orange, brown and green. So I am thrilled with how it looks!

My first section jumps right into my Calendar section. Since this planner is narrower physically, it does better with top tabs instead of side tabs, which didn’t bother me a bit, so I made myself some top loading top tab dividers. I put this beautiful “Hello Autumn” dashboard in it and I love how it looks! My Calendar section holds a full year of monthly inserts (for pre and current planning), three months of weekly inserts, and about five sheets of daily pages for use when I need to.

My November monthly view, with decorations from the Memphis Season kit.


I love the acetate and vellum that comes in the kits! I always try to find a way to slip it in my planner in some way!

My next section is my Personal section, so of course I had to put this gorgeous “Family” dashboard in this divider! My personal section just has my tried and true book inserts from LightsPlannerAction, and it also holds my Christmas insert from SewMuchCrafting, which will come out as soon as Christmas is over!


Jen made me this pocket dashboard, and I am obsessed with it! I have Simon and Betty on either side and if makes me smile every time I see it. It’s right in front of my last section (if you’re counting, that’s only THREE sections!). This is my Notes section and it holds hundreds of different little bits of information. This was a huge chunk of what I talked about in my last setup and video, and it’s still true today, and the main reason I’m hoping to stop the planner switching soon!

How is that for a quick planner setup? Super quick! This is the pared down and streamlined planner I’ve been wanting. I kind of looked at my planner and thought, “Jenn, you could totally do a hobo, you don’t have any pages in there that couldn’t go in a hobo.” But let’s be honest here. I need rings. I am a rings planner. I need the freedom of knowing I’m not bound by a finite set of notes pages, but that I can add or take away pages as needed. I need to know that I can switch things around and tweak my setup down to the very last page. I just don’t need s huge planner to do it.

Daisies, thank you so much for reading my post! This November kit is absolutely stunning and I am looking forward to diving into fall and Thanksgiving and heading into the holiday season. As always, come find me over on Instagram (@gracefulplanner), and leave any comments here below!

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