Gratitude Journal Set Up

November has always been one of the seasons highlighting gratitude and thanksgiving.  I am very happy to say that I have started a gratitude journal since last year and have been consistently using it.  I keep my gratitude pages in a separate journal.  I’ve been using a Daycraft dotted journal for this and I have been decorating my pages with our monthly Cocoa Daisy kits.

I keep my layouts in my journal really simple.  I love working with the washis from the kit.  I simply line them up on one side and I use the weekly stickers to mark the days.  I trim these stickers into rectangles before use.

I kept my older Cocoa Daisy sticker sheets and used one of my leftover weekly sticker sets to match the washi.  I especially loved this washi tape because of the pops of pink.

My favourite part of the kits are always the stickers because they make decorating really easy.  I especially love the vibrant colors of the Memphis Season kit stickers.

Nighttime is the best time for me to write about the things I am thankful for because it keeps me in a positive mood at the end of the day, no matter what may have happened.  I like the limited space so that I won’t feel ‘forced’ to fill it in.  I also often write the same  mundane things, which is totally ok.  I don’t share the contents of my gratitude journal online for my own privacy.    

Thank you for looking at my gratitude journal set up.  Do you keep a gratitude journal too?  I hope you can share about it in the comments below.


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