Memphis Season Easy Pager Markers

Hello Daisies! Lisa here showing you a few of the page markers I made this month for my A6 Stayology notebook and my PrintPression weeks notebook from the Memphis Season kits.

The first two are soooooo simple and literally took less than 5 minutes to make! Its easy to do when CocoaDaisy does all the work for you!

First up is my most favorite one! This card came in the Planner add on kit and oh my word it is so gorgeous as is! I mean CocoaDaisy did all the design work for you! All I did was add a coordinating paper to the back, trim to A6 size, round the corners on the outside edge, added a tab on the top and viola! Done!!


This second one was basically the same… I used one of the larger pocket cards that are double sided and trimmed a bit off the top and rounded the corners. I used a matching tab at the top with a “my lists” sticker from my stash. To decorate the card all I did was use a few stickers for “my Lists” and really that was all I needed! I could have added a few of the fabulous leaves to it also but I really love the simplicity of it!


The next two I took a little more time with. The first one I cut one of the gorgeous papers to size lengthwise and about 2.5″ wide. I used one of the die cut tabs at the top and layered with the love fall die cut. I added a doily from my stash on the side and wrapped it around the paper and adhered it. Then all I did was layer leaves and a quote die cut over the doily to add dimension. Toward the bottom I just added a few of the washi strips from the sticker kit and layered a flower on the top. Thats it! You could laminate it if you want but I love the feel of paper!

And Last but certainly not least is my very favorite! I used the card backing from on of the sticker kits, Cut it in half and adhered the two sides together. What is so fabulous about this is #1 the artwork is amazing and I just love the weight of the paper. I added a die cut leaf and flowers and one of the vellum leaves to add a bit more depth to the art on the paper. Then I finished it off with a heart die cut at the top and a strip of washi with that amazing quote on it. I absolutely love the way it turned out! So fresh and fun!

If you use rings just punch and cut a slit and you have page markers for rings!

I posted a very short video on my YouTube channel to show you these closer up.

I hope I inspired you to make you some page markers and hope you have a great day!



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