November Plan With Me x 2!

The only thing better than one planner spread is…TWO! Hi everybody, it’s Rachel and I am so excited about this month’s Memphis Season Kit, that I thought I would share how I planned in both my planners using different sticker kits.

For my main “catch-all” planner, I am using Lights Planner Action Inserts inside my Excecutive Size Filofax Notebook. To see my setup for this planner, head to my YouTube Channel. To mix things up, I’m using the Daisy Weeks Sticker Kit (yes, you read that correctly!) and this month’s printables to plan with week. If you were on the fence about the Daisy Weeks sticker because these stickers aren’t “meant” for your planner format, think again!

The Daisy weeks stickers are scaled a little smaller, which means you can do lots of fun layering with these stickers and die-cuts, punched papers or the printable elements.

The smaller scale also means I create checklists with the headers like I did here with Meal Plan and Groceries. I also clustered two different stickers together to make “plan next week” look like one element on the page.

The Daisy Weeks sticker kit comes with long decorative stickers that are meant to be place along the bottom of the Hobonichi Weeks page, but I think they make an awesome decorate element in this size planner, too! I layered a few of the printable leafs (printed on clear sticker paper) behind the long sticker and added leaf stickers from the Daisy Weeks Sticker Kit on top. I absolutely love how this week turned out!

Ok, planner # 2! For my Hobonichi Weeks planners, I basically pulled from all the other sticker kits (Sticker Kit, Planner Kit, Planner Add-on and Planner Classified) to plan this week and I LOVE it!

At the beginning of the month, I added the bullet point and labels from the Planner Kit to note what the big tasks for that day would be.  The small size of this planner means I can’t over commit my to-do list (hooray!). This week I was focusing on a few creative projects and assignments. Rather than writing them all out, I put the big quote sticker down as a reminder to get creative! I love the long stickers  like the “on the agenda” sticker in this planner. I can write what I need to and I’m less likely to cram a lot else on the page when I use these types of stickers.

Ah, my favorite part of the Hobonichi Weeks! I love the open graph page because there are no rule! I like adding a large element on the top of the page. To do this, I ripped one of the decorative box stickers to give it a frayed look. To mirror the colors from this sticker, I added the clear washi strips on the bottom of page. For one more punch of color, I ripped some the washi and added it to the bottom of the page and to section off the middle of the page. This week, I’m also about lists and trackers! So there you have it! Two planners, five sticker kits, and a whole lot of fun and function! I hope you enjoyed a peak inside my planners. I explain a little more about the planner layouts in my Plan With Me video on my YouTube channel so make sure to check it out. Until next time!

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