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Hi everyone. I’m here today to share with you how I’ve used tags in my planner this month. As a paper crafter and card maker, as well as a planner, tags have always held a special place in my heart! So, I’ve really enjoyed figuring out how to include them in my planner decor. Today, I have four tags that I created and I’m going to show you how I used them.

This first tag is one that I had a lot of fun adding layers to. I cut it from some of the patterned paper. I added a doily and then layered a some of the leaf die cuts, a leaf puffy sticker and a chipboard circle with a sticker on top. I layered on a strip of punched paper and one of the vellum words. (I love those so much!) In keeping with the gratitude theme, I decided that this tag would take center stage in my front pocket to remind me of all of the things I am thankful for.

This next tag sits on my weekly spread. I created it to hold some sticky notes. I love having notes to add my lists to or to send a quick message to someone. Having them readily available on my weekly spread is really convenient. And I love the way it looks. I made this with another piece of patterned paper, then embellished it.  I started with a doily, added some die cuts and stickers and placed a few sticky notes on top. If I need more, I can add some from the pad.

This next tag is a pen holder. I love being able to tuck it right inside my pages. I used one of the tags that came with the kit for this one. To make the holder, I folded a length of washi tape onto itself and wrapped it around the pen to measure. Then I cut it to the right length and stapled it to the tag. I added another doily, die cuts, a vellum leaf and some stickers. The cork and chipboard topped it off.

Here you can see how it lays right behind my weekly calendar, ready for me to grab when I need to write something down.

My last tag is another ‘organizer’. This one holds my clips. I like to carry my clips with  me, but don’t always need to be using them. I started with a kit tag and, again, folded some washi on itself to create some strips.  I stapled them onto the tag and doily, and slipped my extra clips onto  them. This tag is tucked into my back pocket. Not only does it keep my clips safe, but it looks pretty!

As you can see, tags are not only pretty. These definitely serve a purpose and add some decorative function to my planner. Have you used tags any other way? I’d love for you to share below in the comments if so. Thanks for taking a peek and Happy Planning!


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