Plan with Me – Nordic Woods (video)

Greetings, Daisies! Today I have for you another plan with me video, and I have to warn you that this one is SUPER quick! Sometimes an idea strikes you and you find that it takes next to nothing to put together.  Such was the case with this week’s layout!

The idea for this week’s layout started when I saw my friend Jennifer Bailey post this photo in her setup blog post:

I loved how she cut the acetate but used BOTH halves, creating a two-page acetate spread.  Such a simple idea, but one I hadn’t seen before.  I had this piece of acetate still in my stash, with no idea what to do with it:

I already had used another piece of acetate as a dashboard in front of my planner, so I needed to think of something different for this one,  Jenn’s cutting of her acetate was stuck in my brain, and I suddenly had the idea to cut my acetate into boxes that would fit the boxes in my PrintPression Weeks planner.  I ran the boxes through my Xyron sticker maker and adhered them to the pages.  I was astonished at how easy it was and how good it looks! I stamped the days of the week, and that was it.  Done!

Click here to watch the fastest plan with me video ever, haha, to see how it came together. Thanks so much for being here!

Until next time…xoxo

Kristine (@teachplancraft)

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