New Month, New Year, New Planner Set-up!

Who is ready for a new month, a new year, and a new decade? I am! I can’t decide if I’m actually excited it is almost 2020, or am I just really excited about the “Noted” Cocoa Daisy Kits (spoiler: it’s the kit!). So for today’s post, I thought I would share how I setup a planner for the month, from start to finish. If you want to grab your favorite beverage, your planner and your January Noted Kit Items, you can follow along with me in my Setup With Me YouTube Video!

For this setup, I used a smattering of products from the planner kits and the memory keeping kits. Once I receive my kits, I like to take everything out of the packaging and organize the items by type (diecuts, washi, labels, tags, paper, etc.) This help me be a little more organized and helps cut down on the “digging” time when I’m looking for that perfect element to finish off a pocket, dashboard or planner spread.

I adore this month’s theme! I’m focusing on documenting all the things in 2020, so this kit is giving me a perfect start!

The first things I like to tackle in a new setup are the pockets. For this setup I pulled some diets with that had black accents and washi taped them into the pockets for security. I love that the washi card is both decorative and functional. To finish up the large secretarial pocket, I tucked in a few of the personal dashboards.

I received the A5 Daisy Dori, but I actually trimmed it down to standard wide size (5×8.25). I think this like the goldilocks of planner sizes, and I have not problem trimming down the A5 Dori insert just a little bit to get this size. To make the cover, I trimmed one of the papers from the planner kits and adhered it to the from and back of the Kraft cover. My trimming was a little wonky (oops!), so I added a few die cuts to balance out the look of the cover. Simple, but so cute!

When I trimmed down the insert, I lost a little of the calendar on the first page. I didn’t mind not having the calendar, but I did want something that said the month on that page. I decided to trimmed down one of the personal dashboards and adhere to the page. Problem solved!

Did you know that the hole reinforcer stickers that come in the Planner Kit make great decoration for DIY tags? I love finding new ways to use supplies!

Page markers are so handy in a planner. I made this one using two of the backer cards from some of the packaging (don’t throw those items away!) and adhered them together with clear packaging tape to make a page marker that slides over the page.

Page Markers are another great place for a little decoration! I added two personal size dashboard to the front and back and a few sticky notes. I added the tab to the top of the page marker, so that I can easily find it inside my insert.

For December, I placed my monthly pages in the middle of the insert and really liked it there, so I decided to do this again for January. But do you want to know what I really dislike doing? Making monthly pages. I mess up the numbering, I measure incorrectly, and never looks quite as nice as I’d like it to. So, I decided to use a dated monthly insert printable and adhere it right to the page! I embellished with a little bit of washi and some of the die cuts. On the side bar, I added stickers from the Daisy Weeks sticker kit, and added my own doodled box, too.

I was feeling ambitious, so I decided to setup the first week of January as well. I created a week on 1 page layout using the Daisy Weeks Stickers and a little bit of correction tape to re-draw the lines. On the right page, I added some stickers from the new Classic Sticker Kit and one of the To-Do List sheet from the notepad( I predict these will get a lot of use!)

Lastly, I used the month sticky notes for my Habit Tracking. I picked four things I want to focus on documenting this month and I labeled each habit with the tab label stickers. This travel is right behind my monthly page so, hopefully, I will see it a lot and up date it frequently!

I hope you enjoyed setting up this planner with me. Make sure to check out my video to see my process a little closer. Until next time!




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