Cocoa Daisy Planner 2019 in Review

Hello Daisies!

I cannot believe how fast this year has flown by! It is just a matter of days before we usher in the new year. I thought this would be a good time to reflect on this past year’s planner (or should I say planners) and a few of my favorite things from each month <3

“Paper & Ink”
January ushered in 2019 and an amazing dashboard reminding us all to “Live your Life in Color” something that I love to do and I use lots of color – even with a black planner! We also received this washi tape with the days of the week that I keep in my planner stash – it is the BEST!

“Simon & Betty”
February may have brought in colder weather in the Mid-Atlantic but Cocoa Daisy brought us these gorgeous peachy pinks with all the warm and fuzzies courtesy of Simon and Betty. If you bought the Valentines add-on and the Planner Classified kit, you received lots of hearts along with Simon and Betty. I love the Simon clip!

“Fresh Cut”
March brought us a mix of soft pastels and bright florals with a watercolor theme which was perfect for the artist in me. This month had one of the most beautiful floral vellums with gold floral centers – I laminated it to make it into a pocket and so that it would last longer. The sticky notes were designed to look like paint palettes!


“Cherish Blossom”
April brought us cranes and cherry blossoms which could not have been more perfect for the area I live in (Virginia, Washington DC). Christine also designed and included a washi card to keep a sampling of our washi in our planners with us! It also helps “cut” the washi as you place it on your page.

“Picket Fence”
May brought in purples, blues and greens and you could choose to pull out the colors you wanted based on your designs. Mine had an overall blue/green appearance. I love GREEN! The butterflies in this kit came in the Memory Keeping Classified Kit and really popped on the pages!

“Lemon Grove”
At the beginning of May, I was not ready for blue and yellow but by the time June arrived, I LOVED the bright blue and yellow! The lemon theme was refreshing and exactly what I needed to start the summer. The blue tile notebook and pouch Christine included is classic and gorgeous!

“South Beach”
July’s beach theme was perfect for those traveling and the hot weather that hit most of the US. Speaking of green, this planner cover made me swoon with this kit! I also loved that a variety of girls were included in the designs – including a redhead! Although I have never had a tan in my life! lol The sun hat is one of my most favorite clips!

“Farmer’s Market”
August is the month of my birthday and I am always excited to see what the release will be. This month did not disappoint! I love shopping at the farmer’s market to buy fresh fruit and veggies. The die cuts and stickers also included these old step side trucks. One day I would love to have one to tool around in. My husband can restore it and work on the engine to his heart’s content!

“Book Club”
September is generally when the kids go back to school whether you have them or not which makes book club a perfect medium for all of us. By the way, I am a bookaholic! I have books overflowing in every room in our home. That phrase “Fill you house with stacks of books in all the crannies and all the nooks!” is so ME! There was another pocket card with the phrase “you can’t buy happiness but you can buy books” just continues to ring true for my family! The pattern paper with the book stacks and the acetate were my favorites!

“Autumn Whimsy”
After the more neutral colors of September, October brought us these warm vibrant colors that just sung to me! The watercolor papers with the all the colors of the rainbow were the perfect frame for my family (a photo that I love to keep in every planner). I used the fairy and mushroom die cuts to make another clear laminated page marker. The whimsy of the art was such a change from the previous months but so enjoyable – it was really a take on the “leaves” falling from the trees something I truly enjoy here in Virginia.

“Memphis Season”
I wasn’t sure what I thought of this kit at first – I liked it, don’t get me wrong but I am a traditionalist and this did not seem very November/Thanksgiving to me at first. But the more I dove into it, the more I loved it! The dashboard at the beginning of my planner says it all “Gather Together.” November is a time for family and to be grateful for what you have. I was able to fly home at the last minute to see my parents and it did wonders for them (and for me). Hold them close when you can.

“Nordic Woods”
This brings us to December, one of my most favorite but busiest months of the year. Cocoa Daisy’s main kit was winter themed with whimsical gnomes but not overly “Christmas” in case you do not celebrate, however, there was an add on Christmas kit that you could purchase separately. Yes, I bought it and I LOVE it! I love every moment of the holidays and love to document it in my planner – even if my Christmas cards are going to be late again this year. The pouch came with the planner add on kit and I plan on using it all winter long! Gnomes are Scandinavian which is my mother’s heritage and we have always loved them which makes this kit even more special.

I hope you enjoyed my reflection on this past year. I will be posting my January planner walk through soon!

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Until next time,
Cheryl Reiter


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