More Circle Designs with Noted

Hello Daisies!

It’s all about repeated shapes today on the blog. We are spotlighting designs by creatives Traci and Candy. Let’s begin with Traci’s Traveler’s Notebook sized design in her story journal.

“For my play on circles in my Story Journal, I decided to use the scraps of one of the folded papers from the planner collection that I had previously punched patterned circles out of to create a frame for my photos! I reinforced the circle motif by placing a circular chipboard in the center of one of the frames and then clustered a few more circles along the edges of the frame for good measure.”

“At the top of the page there is a half circle punched out of the paper where I created a pocket for hidden journaling, and I even used the camera paper with all its circular lenses to really capitalize on that feel. To balance it across the spread, I actually used all straight lines on the left hand side to mimic the edges of the paper and frame on the right hand side, instead of carrying the circle motif across the whole page, that way it doesn’t feel like I went too overboard.”

We love the tag with the bit of twine for Traci’s hidden journaling. A simple yet striking design feature that repeats the circle theme. Just one of several wonderful ideas you can use when documenting your stories in the Noted traveler’s notebook. And Traci has a process video can be viewed here.

Next, Candy is sharing a sweet family layout with repeated circles too.

“Hello Daisies! Today I am showing you this simple layout using some Cocoa Daisy die cuts and pattern paper. First, I put down some torn kraft paper (which is something I have been doing a lot lately) to create a starting point. A blank canvas can be a struggle sometimes, but this trick usually helps take away that feeling. Then I chose a couple of photos I wanted to document and put those down as well.”

“One of my favorite tools to use is my punch. I have punches in different shapes and sizes and they make my life so much easier. For this layout, I punched out some 2” circles using my circle punch and layered them around the photos to create a frame.”

“Another one of my favorite things to do is to use labels for layering, which I did on the top circle. Last, I added some simple journaling. Normally, I would type it up, but I thought using my own handwriting for this layout gave it a nice touch.“

We love the diagonal flow of Candy’s design and of course her lovely writing is the perfect finishing accent. There are endless design options when using repeated shapes and we will continue to showcase them throughout the year.

Thanks for spending some time with us today!



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