The Dashboard Kit for Traveler’s Notebook

Hi everyone. Tanti is here.

Today, I want to share with you, how I used some of the February dashboards from the dashboard kit for my Traveler’s Notebook.

The Cocoa Daisy dashboards that came in two sizes (The A5 size and the personal size) are actually very versatile. It’s not only for the A5 size planner and the personal size planner, but it can also be used for all sizes and types of planners.

I love using both sizes to make my Traveler’s Notebook looks prettier. Usually I just cut off the A5 size dashboard into the size of the Traveler’s Notebook and just put it into a clear folder as a regular dashboard. But this month I just put some of the personal size ones into the folder.

Next, I made a shaped bookmark out of one of the A5 size dashboards. I fussy cut this pretty lady, laminated it and fussy cut it again.

I used the leftover image from the previous dashboard as a die cut and used it to decorate my planner page.

On the picture below, I fussy cut that cute puppies image from the A5 size dashboard to make a shaped dashboard. I laminated it together with a personal size dashboard, so that I have two dashboards to put it around my TN as a front and a back dashboards.

Here’s how the front side looks.

And here’s how the back side looks.

I also like to use the personal size dashboard to create, what I call an inside dashboard.

Here I decorated it with some stickers and die cuts.

On the back side, I glued the personal size page free printable onto it.

I fussy cut one of the quotes out of a journaling card from the pocket memory keeping kit and glued onto it.

I also attached the bow shaped tab to the dashboard for easy opening.

Next, I made a wall decoration out of the A5 size dashboard with the same design as the previous one. Later on I’m going to attach this to my wall grid. But you can also put it into a frame and hang it on the wall.

Last but not least:

I made a shaped TN pocket out of the A5 size dashboard with the cute macaron design.

I fussy cut it, laminated it, fussy cut the upper side and the right side, put the double sided glue tape on the left side and the bottom and then attached it on the back of my TN cover.

Well, that’s it.

I hope you like the ideas and that I could inspire you to use your dashboard kit in some other ways.

Thank you so much for joining me today and see you next time.



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