Orchard Path Planner and Journal Set Up & Video

Hi lovely people!

It’s Rachel here, and I cannot wait for Spring to be here – thankfully, with Orchard Path, my planner is ready to brighten up my day whilst the northern hemisphere catches up…!

For March, I’m using 3 Foxy Fix covers – a Spice Rosemary Personal Rings, a Spice Magnolia No 4 Compact, and a Spice Lemongrass A6 Hobonichi Weeks Perfect Fit Cover. I wanted something to give a lovely background to the amazing colours in the Orchard Path collection.

I used some of the die cuts from the Personal Day Planner Kit : Ringbound, and a card and glitter dots from the Pocket Memory Keeping Kit to decorate the front inside pocket. The Simon and butterfly clips were from previous months and I thought they went beautifully with this collection! I punched butterflies along the edge of some leftover patterned paper from the Memory Keeping Kit, and this is something I did in each of the 3 planners/ journals I set up this month as a way of making them cohesive.

I added lots of those glitter dots throughout my planner this month – they’re so pretty and I love the extra little sparkly accents!

I cut down one of the dashboards from the Day Planner Dashboard Kit and layered it on a piece of pattered paper from the Memory Keeping: Pocket Kit to create this divider – and of course, I added some glitter enamel dots! The quote card on the opposite page is from the Planner Add On, and I trimmed it down slightly then washi taped it in place.

The washi tape that came in the Planner Add On had lots of different words on it – and I was really pleased that ‘projects’ was included! I always have a projects section in my planner, and so I will be using this washi tape to label the tab.

Also in the Personal Day Planner Kit: Ringbound was a sheet of tab stickers. I chose to cut these in half and put the fussier floral side where they would peep out of the side of my planner. They’re marking the start of each week, and I love how something so pretty is also so functional!

I’m using the week on two pages for a weekly overview this month – it’s so useful to have it for reference on the go, especially as my larger Erin Condren LifePlanner (TM) is now living downstairs in the kitchen as our family planner! I used the numbers from the Daisy Weeks Sticker Kit throughout, as these are small enough to be unobtrusive yet still easily readable.

Another place where I used the tab stickers from the Personal Day Planner Kit: Ringbound is in my personal dori booklet. I used one of the pocket cards as a tip in, and added (of course!) some sparkle with the enamel dots, and a tab to make it easy to turn. I love the simplicity of it!

I use an A6 Hobonichi Techo as a gratitude journal, and am working on counting 1000 gifts in 2020 by writing down 3 things every single day that I’m grateful for. These can either be inspired by the EllieBeth Designs UK gratitude challenge, the Ann Voskamp 1000 Gifts Challenge, or simply something that occurs to me that day. The ‘one day at a time’ on this pocket card was perfect to put on the front cover for this month – it sums up so much of how I try to approach things!

I like to create a tip in for the start of the month with something from the collection – this month, I’m using the vellum from the Classified: Planner Edtion Kit. I also made a pencil board by trimming down and laminating an A5 dashboard from the Day Planner Dashboard Kit. And on the back – it’s a riot of colour with lots of washi!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this peek inside my planners – if you’d like to see more of all three set up, please take a look at my YouTube channel and subscribe! 

Until next time lovely people, enjoy your planning!

Rachel xxx

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